Fake Mortal Kombat Games

Several fake Mortal Kombat games were produced.  Ed Boon created one called "Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Nitro Edition" as a joke, but many people believed it anyway.  A website at the time called Fighter's Edge created some characters and everything to add to the joke.  Before that, there was one called "MK3 Omega" that was made to prove that magazines took information off the MK fansites (some magazines even printed off one of the pictures from MK3 Omega).  Later on, an MK4 Omega was created to be funny, but it didn't really fool anyone.  It is kind of funny though, how for every game that MKX made a fake "Omega" upgrade, a real upgrade was done later.

The following pages are preserved exactly as the original authors created them.

MK Nitro

Boon's Mortal Kombat Nitro Page
Fighter Edge's Mortal Kombat Nitro Page

MK Omega

MKX's page on MK3 Omega
MKX's page on MK4: Revision Omega

MK Touch

TRMK's page on MK Touch
TRMK's Apr 1 News Post on MK Touch
TRMK's Apr 2 News Post on MK Touch

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