The Kombat Pavilion

August 30, 2005
Comics AND Animations

As promised, today's update will have both comics and animations.  Some of the comics are by me - ]{0MBAT - and there are some from the other great authors:
Thanks to everyone who submitted comics, and thanks to you, the viewer, for reading them!  Check out the animated GIF's as well:

I have to give props to both Marito and Arctic for their excellent submissions.  Keep on Kombatting!

August 29, 2005
#2 in Newgrounds Fan Net

I promise this is the last update about how well my site's doing as far as the ratings in the Newgrounds Fan-Net.  Currently #2:

Seriously, I know it's not going to be #1 any time soon, so the next update is really, really, really going to be with comics or animations.  Or maybe both.

August 28, 2005
#3 in Newgrounds Fan Net

Okay, I know I need to stop updating about this, but I'm so excited I just can't help it.  Now I'm #3 in the Newgrounds Fan-Net ratings.  Check it out:

I'd like to thank everyone once again for making this happen, plus thanks to a lot of people for e-mailing me about the news :)

P.S. I'm almost positive that the site won't jump place again, so the next update will pretty much have to have actual content instead of me bragging. :P

August 27, 2005
#5 in Newgrounds Fan Net

Heh, I didn't expect this so soon.  Now instead of being #6, I'm #5 in the Newgrounds Fan-Net ratings.  Picture below:

I didn't think it would jump up so fast, but it did!  I'd like to thank both the Kombat Pavilion fans as well as the Newgrounds fans just coming over here for the first time for making this happen.

August 25, 2005
#6 in Newgrounds Fan Net

Yay, another brag.  Looks like my site jumped up a whole lot in the Newgrounds Fan-Net ratings (presumably because of Konquest of the Kamidogu 7 and Konquest Adventure 1 both making Newgrounds front page recently.  At the present, I'm in #6:

What this basically means is, a lot of people are being referred to Newgrounds from my site, and so NG is happy to get the visitors.  Thanks to all the fans of the Kombat Pavilion for making that happen!

August 24, 2005
Tons of Comics

Wow.  Just, wow.  Normally, I don't get a whole lot of quality submissions in a two-week period, and it seemed like comics were dying out...  and then this happens.  I've actually gotten over 30 new submissions for this update, and that's not even including my own – and they're all really great!  You guys simply must check these out.  I don't even know where to start!  I guess with mine:
I'm really impressed with both the quality and quantity of this update, and so should you be.

August 23, 2005
Five New Animations

New animations are ready, my favorite part is that I am thanked in two of them ;)

I have to give a shout out to the following animators: Bezou, Deadly Dragon, Sub-Ciro, Ultimate Ryu, and newcomer Blue-Steel for all these latest submissions.

Hint for Baraka's Interactive Fatality: Use the button combination back, forward, down, forward, low punch to execute.

Congratulations also to Bezou for winning Newgrounds front page and Daily 3rd Place on Konquest Adventure!

You earned it, buddy!

August 20, 2005
Otakon 2005

Updating live from Otakon 2005, an anime convention where not much is really going on MK-wise, though I did get the chance to meet kaligoddess from MK Fanatic.  She was cosplaying as Frost, while others playing Ashrah and Scorpion were also there.  Check out these pics:

There were other cosplyers as well, including Harvey Birdman, several characters from the Super Mario Bros. universe, and Nightcrawler from the X-Men series!  Take a look:

So, that's pretty much it for the Otakon stuff... so very soon we will start updating again with the usual comics/animations.  This is ]{0MBAT (and girlfriend) reporting live from Otakon 2005!

August 16, 2005
Konquest of the Kamidogu (Episode 7)

Guess what Bezou and I finished?  Well, if you read the line above, you'd know it was Konquest of the Kamidogu (Episode 7).

And we've really loaded this one full to bursting with special features:

So check it out, and enjoy the best MKD Konquest Parody ever around!  Notice that we have introduced a new character in the series that is NOT Shujinko or Damashi.


Another blue bar from Newgrounds voters, yay!  Also:

Looks like KOTK7 got added to the MK Collection on Newgrounds as well!  Great news, for fans of this series!

Another Update:

Wow, what an incredible honor!  KOTK7 has been added to the Newgrounds front page!  I'm absolutely thrilled about that, in case you didn't know that's never happened with KOTK before and it's one of the highest honors I could ever expect to achieve there :)  Thanks to the Newgrounds for appreciating the latest in the series by me and Bezou!

August 12, 2005
Eight Great New Animations

Here's a great new set of animations!  Eight in all:

Thanks to returning animators Ultimate Ryu, Arctic, and Black Ermac (been a while, eh?) for their latest submissions, as well as new animator CrazY-AndroMon.  Check it out, guys, and enjoy!

August 10, 2005
More MK Sprite Comics

Alright, new comics, yay!
Alright, that's it for now, hope you guys are diggin' my latest series, as well as all the other comics I've selected for posting here.  Happy reading, komic fans!

August 9, 2005
Back from Wizard World

I told you guys I'd go - well I did, and now I'm back.  Didn't see the MKO coverage of it?  No problem, click here.  Also, enjoy these pics of me with Jason Mewes (you know, "Jay" from Jay and Silent Bob), Margot Kidder (Lois Lane from the Superman movies) and some goofy guys dressed up as Batman, Pikachu, Willie Wonka... and then there's the X-Men chic.

Also, guess what?  I ran into Matt Steinke from the MK Deception: Development Team - Midway wasn't at Wizard World or anything, he was just there checking things out, but he happens to have been the guy to do a lot of the programming for MKD's Konquest Mode, and so I was happy to give him a link to the Konquest of the Kamidogu series.  Heh, he should get a big kick out of that.

August 5, 2005
Lots of Stuff

Okay, I'm going to Wizard World Chicago, so I thought I'd give you guys the latest in kontent before I go, since there won't be updates here for a couple days.  Comics:

Great job, by returning animation submitters Justycist and Ultimate Ryu.  Still, we have a new Flash game:

Thanks to Spectre for that quick little thing.  Finally, and this a major major update, check out the latest version of the RPG Maker demo, Sub-Zero and Reptile's Adventure 2:

In this version, Reptile meets the Punisher and even dons his outfit!  A wacky and wild adventure, to be sure, by Jimbo Limbo.  So check it out, and enjoy, everyone!

August 3, 2005
New Comics

Yeah, me and Bezou are both taking a little break from KOTK to get back to what made us famous in the first place – MK Sprite Comics.  Here are the latest by both of us, and more!
And there you have it.  Hope you guys enjoy my new series, as well as all the other ones I have chosen to put up here, and more content will be here before you know it!

August 2, 2005
Ghost in the Machine

Hey, boys and girls - want to see a preview of my new sprite comic?  Of course you do!  "The Ghost in the Machine" is a continuation of "The Dragon and the Amulet".  Check it out here:

You can read it in a few days when I update the site with comics!  w00t!  Oh, BTW, special thanks to MK Outworld webmaster Khaos for his help with the neat logo at the bottom :)

August 1, 2005
Ten New Animations

Here's a great new set of animations!  You guys will love these:

Thanks to returning animators Silver Scythe, Ultimate Ryu, Miguel Corral, and of course Arctic for sending in a whopping six of the new animations!

Also, did you notice the new intro by Silver Scythe?