The Kombat Pavilion

January 31, 2005
New Kind of Animations

Hey, here's 2 really cool looking animations, and they're both different than the kind you're used to seeing:

Thanks to Bezou for realizing one of my visions with his excellent Shujinko and Damashi film, and WeaponLord for his own unique recreation of MKD's Krypt!  I like what I'm seeing here!

January 25, 2005
New Comics

Here's some more comics, including another whole slew of new hand drawn ones in addition to the sprite comics.  The ones by the artist/author Probablee are in the anime style and are called 4-Kombas:Happy reading, and enjoy!

January 24, 2005
Funny Videos

Alright, here's a little something I threw together for you MK fans who appreciate humor.  This is like "Must See TV", only you should actually watch this.  Check out:

Funny MK Videos

January 23, 2005
MK Censored

Ever notice how when they air Mortal Kombat on TV, they have to change some lines around?  It's sometimes due to FCC rules, but other times just to keep the content appropriate for family viewing.  If you've ever wondered what was changed, then check out this new section:

Mortal Kombat Censored (complete with downloadable video clips)!

January 21, 2005
Super Mario All Star Adventure Stuff

Here's the latest work by Daniel Sun

The trailer for the overall series is really cool, and judging from this preview, it looks like part 3's going to be the best one yet!

January 20, 2005
3 Anis

Here's three really excellent animations:

Thanks to Ultimate Ryu and WeaponLord for the latest - and the idea about witnessing Fatalities from the first person is a great idea, and the effects are awesome as always from this animator.

January 18, 2005
A Couple New Comics

Here's just a little bit of new comics ;)
I'd especially like to thank that last guy (Poasty-Guy) for discovering all those comics by that first guy (Bev) - this comic really made me laugh out loud, great job to you and everyone else who submitted comics!

January 16, 2005
New Animations

Hey, here's 2 really cool looking animations:

Thanks to Ultimate Ryu and Justycist for these latest animations!  Aren't custom backgrounds and/or sprites great?

January 14, 2005
New Comics

It's been a couple days since the last update, I wanted to give everyone a chance to see the latest Zedox Chronicles and not accidentally miss it.  Anyway, on to the latest comics:
Enjoy the latest comics, everyone!

January 10, 2005
Zedox Chronicles

Here's Episode 4 of one of my top favorite animation series, The Zedox Chronicles.  This is huge, so the author (Sub-Zedox) had to break up into four little parts.  Make sure you've got some time set aside, (at least 20 minutes) and then check it out:

If you like Super Mario/Mortal Kombat crossovers, you'll love this!  Also, be sure you check out the Animation section here and see past episodes of this wonderful series!

January 9, 2005
New Comics

Here's some more comics, including 2 more by yours truly:BTW, I just noticed that the initials of those last 3 guys to send me comics spell out BMP.  Isn't that weird?  Okay, well, happy reading!

January 8, 2005
New Animations

Hey, here's some more animations:

Thanks to returning animators Ultimate Ryu and The Shirt Ninja for their submissions, as well as newcomer Zack Wentworth for his MK stickfight animation.  By the way, isn't it funny that two of these are Street Fighter-related?

January 6, 2005
New Comics

Here's the latest in the way of comics:
Happy reading!

January 5, 2005
More Animations

I'm very excited about these animations:

Thanks to returning animator Daniel Sun for the new, special editions, of one of my top favorite series, Super Mario All-Star Adventure.  Also, thanks to Dannyesloco and YukaClock for the random insanity that is Mortal Kollab.  Truly... random.

January 4, 2005
New (Years) Animations

And now, here's the first three animations of the new year:

Thanks to returning animators Justycist, Ultimate Ryu and WeaponLord for the first submissions of 2005!

January 3, 2005
New (Years) Comics

Here's the first comics of the new year:
Also, check out this poster/bio to a future comic series called Edenian Idol, by the authors of Kerb Crawlers Kombat:Peace out!

January 1, 2005
Play Games Online

Here's what I think is a great way to start off the New Year - by opening up a new section!  Have fun playing Mortal Kombat games online, admittedly simplistic ones, but fun nonetheless :)  Here's a sample of what's available:

Play Mortal Kombat Games Now!