The Kombat Pavilion

June 30, 2004
MK Sprite Komics

More "SK's" coming in all the time! Here's the newest ones:

June 28, 2004
MK Komic Kraze

The MK komic kraze is as strong as ever; with not just sprite comics this time, but a hand-drawn one as well!  Nice stuff, guys!

June 26, 2004
More Mortal Comics

Here's the newest bunch:

June 24, 2004
3 New Animations

Check out these 3, made and sent in by Kombat Pavilion Forum Member setter.

These are very gory (as his animations always are), have very creative use of the sprites, and in one of them even combines the 3-D style of blood from MK4!  These are quite amazing.  Thanks, setter, and keep up the great work!

June 23, 2004
MK Comics

Here's the newest:

June 22, 2004
This Is Comical....

Always adding more Mortal Kombat Comics to the site.  Here are the latest and the greatest:

June 21, 2004
New Animation

A cartoon about a dancing Goro... a nice job by the aptly named lolwtf omg.  Pretty funny, also weird!

June 19, 2004
Some More MK Sprite Comics

Here's the latest Mortal Kombat Comics:

June 18, 2004
Mortal Kombat Sprite Comics

Here's the latest MK Sprite Comics:

June 17, 2004
MK Comics

More comics are always being added (as you have no doubt noticed).  Here's the latest:

June 16, 2004

The newest Ogmorth:

June 15, 2004
New Comics

The newest ones are:

June 14, 2004
New Stuff

I added a new part to the Sprite Comic Tutorial called Lettering (Part 2).  This demonstrates the artistic way you can use fonts to illustrate our the characters' personalities.

Also added 2 new comics, check out:

June 13, 2004
Not More Comics

Yes, more comics:

June 12, 2004
New Comics

Check out Lesson 11 in Lady Raiden's comic.  It is quite possibly the best sprite comic I've ever read.  Coming from someone who has as many sprite comics as I do, that's really saying something!

June 11, 2004
Sprite Comic Tutorial

Check out this MK sprite comic tutorial I made:

June 11, 2004
Newest Comics

Check out these 9 new comics:

June 8, 2004
Knock knock!

Check out this 5-part series by my brother (Barakao1) and me:Also, check out:

June 6, 2004
Latest Addition to OGMORTH

Check it out:

June 5, 2004
New Animation

Another job well done by AstroCreep.  Let's give it up for the new guy!  If this is what he's like just starting out, I can't wait to see where he is 5 or 6 months from now.

June 4, 2004
This Is Revolutionary

And this is the final chapter of the series, MK Revolutions.  Pretty cool, a very unique comic.  Check out:And congratulations to the author on his newborn baby girl :)

June 3, 2004
Mortal Kombat Animations

These are quite cool:

Congratulations to newcomer AstroCreep for adding MKII/MK3 style violence to his MK1 Reptile animation.  Really nice!  Another great job by Blackcyborg on his Sub-Zero fatality remake.  Watch both of them now!

June 2, 2004
Newest Comics

Here's the latest Mortal Kombat Sprite Comics: