The Kombat Pavilion

Mortal Kombat Games - Online Play
Be sure to check these games out, and play them right here online - no downloads required! (Except, the appropriate browser plug-in in some cases.)


Mortal Kombat Games - Customized Engines
There are many customizable games out there, and usually when this happens it won't be long before someone makes a Mortal Kombat version.  I will include many of these types of customizable game engines here online.

RPG Maker

Beats of Rage


Ultimate Fighting
Game Engine






Mortal Kombat Games - Original
Be sure to check these original Mortal Kombat games out, as well - some very talented programming went into a lot of these.  Some of these are for Mac, some for Windows, or even DOS - instructions will be provided so you can play either/or on your system.

Pong Kombat 1

Pong Kombat 2

Pong Kombat 3

Pac Kombat

MK Ping Pong

Ermac Energizer

Vic Kombat