The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Cyrax

Cyrax is both part man and part machine. His cybernetic implants give him the edge he needs to defeat the most deadly of foes. He has recently been stranded in Outworld, and must fight to stay alive as he travels with Nitara on a quest to find a mystical Orb.

Like Sub-Zero, Cyrax had once been a member of the Lin Kuei ninja clan. Although he had learned many forms of martial arts techniques, Ninjitsu was his preferred fighting style. You must understand the Way Of The Ninja if you are to complete your training.

Practice Cyrax's Ninjitsu basic high attacks.

Strong Elbow
Double Fist Strike
Spinning Back Kick
Front Kick

Very good. Next you will learn Cyrax's Ninja Strike. It is a pop-up attack that allows Cyrax to pop his opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.

Attack Sub-Zero with Cyrax's Ninja Strike.

Ninja Strike

Exceptional! Now you must attack Sub-Zero with the Ninja Strike and, before he hits the ground, attack him 2 more times with the Ninja Strike to juggle him in the air.


Cyrax's Ninjitsu fighting style utilizes fast and tricky low attacks. He uses them to keep his opponent guessing.

Attack Sub-Zero with Cyrax's Ninjitsu low attacks.

Low Punch
Low Palm Strike
Shin Kick
Low Kick
Ducking Mid Kick

To distance himself from his opponents, Cyrax can Escape with a Ninjitsu Backflip.

Execute 3 successful Backflip Escape moves while in the Ninjtsu fighting style.


Perhaps you did not yet download your instructions. If you need to study Cyrax's moves, pause the game and go to the Moves List menu.

Cyrax was transformed into a cyborg by the Lin Kuei in an automation program that Sub-Zero defied. For that defiance, Sub-Zero became an enemy of the Lin Kuei and Cyrax was programmed to seek and destroy him as a traitor. One of the fighting styles Cyrax downloaded to defeat Sub-Zero was Sambo.

The fighting style Sambo, originally conceived as a means of unarmed crowd control for the police, is a form of wrestling developed by the Soviets in the early 1930s. Sambo is a distillation of over 20 folk arts native to the Soviet Union as well as Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo, Jujutsu and free-style wrestling.

You will begin training in Cyrax's Sambo basic attacks.

Quick Jab
Low Hook Punch
Straight Chop
Backward Elbow
Big Leg

Cyrax also has a pop-up attack in the Sambo fighting style called the Hammerfist Strike.

Execute Cyrax's Hammerfist Strike on the traitor, Sub-Zero.

Hammerfist Strike

Outstanding! Now you must attack Sub-Zero with the Hammerfist Strike and, before he hits the ground, attack him 2 more times with the Hammerfist Strike to juggle him in the air.


Well executed! Cyrax has a ducking pop-up attack in the Sambo fighting style as well.

Initiate Cyrax's Rising Fist ducking pop-up.

Rising Fist

Well done! Now execute the Rising Fist ducking pop-up and, while Sub-Zero is still in the air, juggle him with any attack in your database.


Although Cyrax's Sambo fighting style only has a couple of low attacks, he takes full advantage of their strategic potential.

Attack Sub-Zero with Cyrax's Sambo low attacks.

Low Fist Strike
Low Shin Kick

In addition to punches and kicks, Cyrax can access his database to load his Sambo throw attacks. One such attack is called the Shoulder Toss. Execute 5 successful Shoulder Toss moves while in the Sambo fighting style.

Shoulder Toss

While using his Sambo fighting style, Cyrax can recharge his power cells by performing a Taunt.

Execute 2 Taunts successfully to regain full charge.


Your programming may need some adjustment. If you need to download Cyrax's moves, pause the game and access the Moves List menu.

One of the weapons Cyrax brings with him on his assignments is his Pulse Blade. You will now download the Pulse Blade training mission. Password... LK-4D4 ... logging on... login successful... accessing requested files... downloading... download successful.

Cutting Blade
Stomping Blade
Circling Swipe
Back Kick
Knee Strike
Twisting Edge
Thrusting Sword

Click [button] to run the Pulse Blade basic training executable... ... loading Pulse Blade high attacks training mission pack... pbha.mk5 loaded... execute Pulse Blade high attacks on target Sub-Zero...

Lifting Blade

... Pulse Blade high attacks training mission complete... loading Pulse Blade Lifting Blade pop-up attack training mission pack... pblb.mk5 loaded... ... execute Pulse Blade Lifting Blade pop-up attack on target Sub-Zero...


performance meets required parameters... execute Pulse Blade Lifting Blade pop-up attack followed by 2 additional Pulse Blade Lifting Blade attacks while target Sub-Zero is still airborn...

Sweeping Edge
Downward Stab
Low 2-Hit Strike
Sweep Kick
Pulse Blade Lifting Blade pop-up attack training mission complete... loading Pulse Blade low attacks training mission pack... pbla.mk5 loaded...

... execute Pulse Blade low attacks on target Sub-Zero...


... Pulse Blade low attacks training mission complete... loading Pulse Blade Impale training mission pack... pbi.mk5 loaded... ... IMPALE INSTRUCTIONS- Lodge Pulse Blade in target not withdraw Pulse Blade... execute Pulse Blade Impale attack... 10100011 11010001 10011102 ... .. ERROR- NUMBER LK - 9T9 ... corrupted pack file... downloading mission pack file from alternate drive... press [button] to reboot main system and resume training...

Cyrax was eventually reprogrammed by Sub-Zero to defeat Shao Kahn. Once the Emperor's attack on Earth was foiled, Cyrax had no further instructions and shut down in a barren desert. He was recovered by Special Forces agents Sonya Blade and Jackson Briggs who restored his soul through a dangerous technical procedure. He has since joined forces with them to protect Earthrealm from otherworldly threats.

Ninja Strikes
Stealth Blast
Yellow Doom
Full Gore

By joining one attack to another in rapid succession, the human cyborg, Cyrax, can more effectively attack his foes. His training at the Special Forces proving grounds began with Ninjitsu combo training.

Cyborg Strikes

Practice Cyrax's Ninjitsu Cyborg Strikes pop-up combo.


Exceptional! Now you must attack Jax with the Cyborg Strikes once more and, before he hits the ground, juggle him with any attack.

Start in Ninjitsu

Pain Killer

Well done! Now expand upon your combo training by learning Cyrax's Style Branch combination attacks. A Style Branch combo starts with one style and changes to another style for added effectiveness. You will now learn Cyrax's Pain Killer Style Branch combo. It starts in Ninjitsu and goes into Sambo. Start in Ninjitsu

Excellent! Now execute the Pain Killer combo and juggle Jax in the air with any attack you have learned.

You must draw strength from your humanity. The pain from your cybernetic implants will subside eventually. Continue with the lesson. If you need further study, pause the game and access the Moves List.

Jax assigned Cyrax to the realm of Outworld. His mission was to scout out potential threats from that realm and report his findings to Jax back in Earthrealm. On one of his ports to Outworld, Cyrax was ambushed by a large reptilian creature. During the battle, the arm console that allowed him to traverse the realms was damaged. He was stranded in Outworld.

Step Rush

Cyrax had not recognized the warrior he fought to be Reptile due to the lizard's strange metamorphosis from his previous form. He defended against Reptile's assault with his Sambo attack combinations, among other techniques, and eventually defeated him.


Practice Cyrax's Sambo Ketchup pop-up combo.


Exceptional! Now you must attack Reptile with the Ketchup combo once more and, before he hits the ground, juggle him with any attack you have learned.


Well done! Now expand upon your combo training by learning one of Cyrax's more advanced Sambo combination attacks.

Start in Sambo

Excellent! Now for a Branch Style combo that starts with Cyrax's Sambo fighting style and goes into his Pulse Blade fighting style.

Start in Sambo

Now repeat that last combo and finish it with any attack you have learned.

Reptile is an imposing foe indeed. But you must not let his primal appearance intimidate you. Finish him. If you need further study, pause the game and access the Moves List.

After Reptile scurried away in defeat, Cyrax was approached by a vampire woman named Nitara who had been watching the fight. She offered to return Cyrax to his Earthrealm home if he could retrieve for her a mystical orb from its hiding place. Nitara could not approach it herself, but Cyrax's Earthrealm technology would allow him to enter the harsh environment the orb had been concealed in.

Slice and Dice

One technological advancement of Cyrax's cybernetic systems is his Slice and Dice cutter. This mechanism can cut through opponents even at a distance.

Attack Nitara with Cyrax's Slice and Dice cutter.

Slice and Dice

Well done! But that hurt Nitara a bit too much. This time she will not be so passive.

Sharpen your blade and begin this lesson again. When Cyrax had not reported back from Outworld at the pre-designated time, Jax knew something was wrong. He sent the new recruit Kenshi to search for Cyrax.


Another special attack made possible by Cyrax's bionic implants is his Spinkick. Cyrax is able to deal multiple blows by spinning on one leg and repeatedly smacking his opponent with the other. Show Kenshi how the Spinkick attack works.


Well done! But Kenshi came here to rescue you, not to be insulted. This time he will not allow such an attack.

You need some practice.

Eventually, Agent Kenshi became stranded in Outworld as well when the Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency was destroyed by a member of the Red Dragon clan. Jax and Sonya would have to find some other way to return both Kenshi and Cyrax to Earthrealm.

Perhaps one of the most versatile technological advancements in Cyrax's arsenal is his Detonator. From a cavity within his chest, he can expel a timed bomb to blow his opponents to pieces. Attack Sonya.

Attack Sonya with short-range Detonator. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!


Cyrax's arsenal also has a long-range Detonator to be used against opponents who like to keep their distance.

Very explosive! See if you can hit Sonya from a further distance with a long-range Detonator. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!


Good shot! Now see if you can attack Sonya after she has been blown into the air by a Detonator blast. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!


You are indeed a demolitions expert. But now comes your final lesson with the Detonator. Detonate Sonya into the air and then juggle her with the Spinkick. Uuuuuuuh... just what the heck do you think you're doing? Quit messin' around and finish the ... . What did you call me? Don't make me come over there! You want some of this?!?! Oooo I'm gonna... Next, you will learn Cyrax's more advanced combos. You will spar against Johnny Cage. Cyrax has never liked any of Johnny Cage's movies and felt especially robbed of his eight bucks when he saw Johnny's film, NINJA MIME. Cyrax is going to beat those eight dollars out of Johnny Cage's skull.

Start in Ninjitsu

Perform Cyrax's Ninjitsu Pain Killer Style Branch combo and then juggle him with the Slice And Dice special attack.

Start in Ninjitsu

I guess that is WHAT HE GETS! Now perform Cyrax's Ninjitsu Pain Killer Style Branch combo and then juggle the prima donna with the Spinkick special attack. In Sambo

Staying in character, Johnny seems to have miraculously come back to life! Now perform Cyrax's Style Branch combo beginning with the Sambo style, then into the Pulse Blade style, and then juggle him senseless with the Slice And Dice special attack.

In Sambo

Now that is what I call entertainment! Finish him off with one final Branch Style combo that starts with Sambo, goes into pulse blade, and juggles the pretty-boy with the Spinkick.

Maybe you actually like movies about mimes. No matter. Beat his skull anyway. Most impressive! You have learned much through your journey. You have mastered many fighting styles and beaten many opponents. But there is one opponent you still need to confront... It is one thing to defeat a foe that does not share your thoughts. It is a completely different situation when confronting a foe that can anticipate your every move. Your final test will be to face a mirror image of Cyrax. If you can win 3 out of 5 matches, you will have completed your training. Good Luck. Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death. You failed. You have to learn to perform all of Cyrax's attacks and also defend against Cyrax's attacks if you plan on being victorious.

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled, and there is always more to learn.