The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero has found that the Lin Kuei Dragon Medallion has greatly improved his normal fighting abilities. In addition, it has enhanced his freezing powers in unexpected ways. You must learn Sub-Zero's enhanced fighting styles if you wish to seek enlightenment.

The first of Sub-Zero's fighting styles that you will need to master is his Shotokan style. Shotokan is a style of Karate, which has its roots in Okinawa. Historically, Okinawa enjoyed a great trade economy, which exposed the locals to martial arts from many lands. Master Funakoshi Gichin founded Shotokan karate in 1936 in Tokyo. It is more linear, and can be a very aggressive and devastating style.

Spear Hand Strike
Forward Elbow Strike
Sword Hand Strike
Rising Thrust Kick
Side Snap Kick
Thrust Kick

Many years ago, Sub-Zero had been hunted by his fellow Lin Kuei, Cyrax, for challenging and eventually leaving the clan.

Let us begin the Shotokan high attacks lesson with the cyborg ninja Cyrax.

Mountain Punch

In a battle with Cyrax, Sub-Zero used an attack called the Mountain Punch. This attack allowed him to pop Cyrax into the air long enough to execute another attack. Practice the Mountain Punch attack on Cyrax.


Try attacking Cyrax with the Mountain Punch and, while he is still in the air, attack him 2 more times with the Mountain Punch.

Lower Knee Strike
Lower Dual Punch
Low Sweep Kick
Low Shin Kick

Excellent. You are learning quickly. Let us move on to the Shotokan low attacks. Let us see how you fare against this cyborg ninja.


Very well done. Sub-Zero's Shotokan fighting style also utilizes an Escape move that allows him to quickly put distance between himself and his opponent.

Execute 3 successful Escapes from Cyrax.


You failed. Your Shotokan skills are lacking. Perhaps you need more study. If you need to look at Sub-Zero's moves, pause the game and go to the movelist menu.

You bring honor to Earthrealm. You have successfully proven your mastery of Sub-Zero's Shotokan style.

Your next lessons will be to learn another of Sub-Zero's martial arts fighting styles, the Dragon style. The Dragon style is a southern Chinese style that imitates the movements of the mythological beast. The main attacking parts of the Dragon are its claws and tail, which are mimicked by the hands and legs of the practitioner. The Dragon is a symbol of power and strength.

Back Knuckle Strike
Upper Lunge Punch
Sun Fist
Roundhouse Kick
Front Stomp Kick
Wheel Turning Kick

Like any great structure, fighting skill is built brick by brick. You must first learn the basics of the Dragon style before continuing further.

Practice these Dragon style attacks on a real-life dragon, Reptile...

Dragon Attack

Sub-Zero's strength has increased greatly since donning the Dragon Medallion. Using the medallion's energy, he has developed a very powerful move called the Dragon Attack. Execute 3 Dragon Attack moves on Reptile.

Ducking Dual Claws
Mid Claw Swipe
Low Claw Strike

Excellent. You are indeed a warrior worthy of the Lin Kuei. Let us move on to the Dragon low attacks.

Power-Up and Attack

By channeling energy from the medallion through his Dragon fighting style, Sub-Zero is able to perform a Neijin. A Neijin allows Sub-Zero to increase the power of his attacks for a limited period of time.

Execute a Neijin and strike Reptile with a powered-up attack.

You failed. It would seem that your thoughts are elsewhere. You must concentrate.

Excellent! Your training in the art of Dragon is complete! Let us move on to Sub-Zero's weapon style, the Kori Blade.

The Dragon Medallion has amplified Sub-Zero's freezing abilities, or Kori, in such a way that he can form complex objects out of solid ice from surrounding water vapor. One such object is his Kori Blade.

Overhead Swing
Spinning Slash
Overhead Smash
Blade Lunge Y
Low Swipe

You must first learn to instantly form a Kori Blade. From there, you will practice Kori Blade basic moves. Attack the Netherealm Oni Drahmin with these moves.

Back Kick
Sweep Kick

Unlike some warriors, Sub-Zero mixes kicks with his weapon attacks.

Perform these Kori Blade kick attacks.


Stomp Kick

The Stomp Kick is an attack Sub-Zero uses in his Kori Blade style that pops his opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.

Attack Drahmin with a Stomp Kick to juggle him. Then, while he is still in the air, follow up with any strike from the Kori Blade before he hits the ground.


Sub-Zero has the ability to Impale his Kori Blade into an opponent to drain his lifeforce. This is a devastating tactic that can turn a duel to his advantage. Once lodged into an opponent, his blade cannot be removed.

Impale Drahmin with Sub-Zero's Kori Blade.

You have dishonored the Lin Kuei with your lack of discipline. Continue with the training or you will be hunted down by a cyborg ninja. Now that you have mastered Sub-Zero's main fighting styles, you must learn his special attacks.

Sub-Zero has trained many years to hone his natural ability to freeze. This trait has been passed down through many generations of his family line. But with the power of the Dragon Medallion amplifying this ability, his Kori attacks are more powerful than ever.


Sub-Zero's Freeze projectile attack has become legendary throughout the realms of Earth and Outworld. It is an excellent means for stopping his opponents in their tracks.

Practice attacking Nitara with 2 Freeze projectile attacks before time runs out.


Vampires are cold-blooded. Nitara will recover. She will not be such an easy target this next time. Execute the Freeze projectile 2 times before Nitara defeats you.

Your aim is not what it should be.

Cold Shoulder

In addition to the Freeze projectile, Sub-Zero also has a charge attack in his arsenal called the Cold Shoulder. It is a quick dashing attack that knocks your opponent backwards. Practice the Cold Shoulder against Nitara 2 times before time runs out.

Cold Shoulder

Nice work, but vampires like Nitara can be nimble targets. She will not let you attack her this time.

Execute the Cold Shoulder 2 times before Nitara defeats you.

Now try to combine these 2 icy attacks. Freeze Nitara, then follow up with a Cold Shoulder. Execute this 2 times.

Excellent! You have mastered Sub-Zero's classic Freeze projectile attack. But to become Lin Kuei, you have much more to learn.

An interesting new attack the medallion has unlocked for Sub-Zero is his Ice Shaker attack. Both offensive and defensive, this attack surrounds him with a super-chilled barrier that flash-freezes any opponent within range.

Ice Shaker

Many years ago, Sub-Zero's brother was manipulated by the sorcerer Quan Chi to retrieve for him an amulet from it's hiding place in Earthrealm. The sorcerer later framed Sub-Zero's brother for the death of Scorpion's family and clan, which led to his demise at the hands of the enraged ninja spectre, Scorpion.

Quan Chi has much to answer for. Freeze him using Sub-Zero's Ice Shaker attack 3 times before time runs out.

Quan Chi's evil deeds must not go unpunished. Repeat the lesson, or forever dishonor your brother.

Ice Shaker

Well done. However, it was not enough to chill Quan Chi's already-cold heart. This time, he will not allow you the satisfaction of revenge. Freeze Quan Chi with Sub-Zero's Ice Shaker attack 3 times before time runs out.

Very well done. Now you must learn attack combinations. Utilizing combos will greatly increase the damage done to your opponent.

Scorpion has hunted Sub-Zero for years. He believed that Sub-Zero murdered his family and clan. Now he believes Quan Chi to be the true murderer, and will not harm Sub-Zero.

Hit Trick
Peaceful Mind
King's Crown

Practice these Shotokan combos on Scorpion before you face your real opponent. Perhaps I have chosen my pupil poorly. Repeat the lesson.

Peaceful Mind
King's Crown
Iron Horse
Icy Pain
Cloud Hands

Well done! Let us see how you fare with some more complicated combos...

Excellent! Now you must expand your training by mastering a few combos from another style. These next Dragon combo lessons will work similarly to the Shotokan combo lessons.

Yielding Fire
Dragon Dance
Ice Pop

At one time, the Red Dragon clan would have been considered a potential ally of the Lin Kuei. But now that Sub-Zero has transformed the Lin Kuei into a force for good, the Red Dragon will pose a great threat.

Practice these Dragon style combos on the Red Dragon infiltrator, Hsu Hao.

You seem sluggish. You must focus your energy. Hsu Hao isn't as tough as he seems.

Dragon Dance
Silent Dragon
Twist Of Tiger
3 Hit Claws
Dragon Plays With 7 Stars

Well done! Let us see how you fare with some resistance, and a few more complicated combos.

Bitter Blade
Cut Up

Hsu Hao is a powerful adversary. Apparently, those attacks did not intimidate him. Use these Kori Blade combos to prove that the Lin Kuei are a force to be reckoned with.

Indeed you are most fortunate. You will now have the honor of participating in The Trial Of Blood!

Pints of blood

Make Shang Tsung bleed 80 pints of blood before he defeats you or time runs out.

Perhaps you are squeamish? Try again.

Your combo skills have improved greatly. Now you must expand your training further. You must learn to combine fighting styles to form more powerful attack combinations. Combining multiple styles into one combo is called a Style Branch combo. This method of attack can separate the truly skilled warriors from the truly unskilled warriors...

This first Style Branch combo begins with the Shotokan fighting style, and goes into the Dragon style.

Good. Now you will repeat that Style Branch combo, but this time you will add one more attack from the Dragon style.

Well done. Scorpion may rethink his vow not to kill you after such punishment.

Now that you have mastered the combo, practice some different ways to finish off the combo.

Excellent. Even the Lin Kuei warrior, Frost, was unable to complete that combo. But now you must progress to learn the kind of attack combination that makes Sub-Zero a formidable foe. You must combine all three of Sub-Zero's fighting styles into one long Style Branch combo.

You failed. Make sure that you change back to the first style for the combo that you are trying to perform.

Excellent! You have learned much on this journey. You have honed your skills, as well as defeated your opponents. Now, one more task is at hand.

Defeating another foe is inconsequential. A warrior will have many opponents in his lifetime, but there is only one demon that poses the greatest threat.

To overcome one's own imperfections is the true way to inner peace. The ultimate opponent is one's own self. Your final test will be to face your doppelganger. Now you must win 3 out of 5 rounds to complete your training. Fight!

Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.

You failed. You must press on! You must achieve your destiny!!

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled, and there is always more to learn.