The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Jax

As an operative of the Special Forces, Jax had developed many special moves that gave him the edge he needed to destroy the Black Dragon. Now that the Red Dragon has infiltrated and destroyed his hidden Special Forces base, Jax must refocus his energy on this new threat to peace.

Jax's newly designed cybernetic arms offer better range of motion and faster recoil, allowing for a move he calls the Piston Punch. This move utilizes rapid multiple strikes that push his opponent back, rendering them momentarily helpless.

Piston Punch

As a member of the Red Dragon, Hsu Hao was responsible for the destruction of the Outerworld Investigation Agency; a branch of the Special Forces designed to protect Earth from invasion. Hsu Hao has much to answer for. Practice Jax's Piston Punch attack 3 times before time runs out.

It would appear that your skills are not yet adequate. You must try again. Practice chips away the rough edges.

You are an excellent student. But now you must use what you have learned in kombat.

Hit Hsu Hao with Jax's Piston Punch 3 times before he defeats you or time runs out. But take heed, Hsu Hao will not make it easy for you.

Excellent! You have mastered the Piston Punch technique. But the road to your destiny is long traveled. There is much more to be learned.

This next trial pits you against Mavado, another member of the Red Dragon Clan.

You must learn to harness your Fa Jing, or Inner Power. Jax has learned to focus his Fa Jing into a powerful earth-shaking move he calls the Ground Pound. Practice Jax's Ground Pound move 3 times before time runs out.

It would seem that your thoughts are elsewhere. You must concentrate.

Ground Pound

Again, you have proven to be a quick study. But let us see how you fare in Kombat. Hit Mavado with Jax's Ground Pound 3 times before he defeats you or time runs out.

Most impressive! You have completed yet another trial. Let us move on to Jax's third special attack, his Machine Gun.

Jax's Machine Gun attack is a great strategy for keeping an opponent away from you. In this next trial, you will practice on Quan Chi.

Attack Quan Chi with Jax's Machine Gun special move 3 times before time runs out.

It would appear that you were not concentrating hard enough. Repeat the lesson.

Machine Gun

Now you understand. Your skills are improving. But let us see how well you handle yourself against a moving opponent.

Hit Quan Chi with Jax's Machine Gun special move 3 times before he defeats you or time runs out.

You have mastered each of Jax's special attacks. Now has come the time to combine their strengths.

There will be no practice round this time. You must prove to Reptile that you are the superior warrior.

Special Moves

Attack Reptile with Jax's Piston Punch, Ground Pound, and Machine Gun moves before he defeats you or time runs out.

It seems that you have not paid close enough attention to your lessons. This time, concentrate. You bring honor to Earthrealm. You have successfully proven your mastery of Jax's special attacks. Your next lesson will be to learn one of Jax's martial arts fighting styles.

Muay Thai, or Thailand kickboxing, is one of the oldest martial art forms. Muay Thai's origin, along with much of Thai history, was lost during the invasion of the Burmese army.

Forward Foot Push
Straight Punch
Spinning Strike
Low Swing Punch
Farewell Knee

Practice these Muay Thai moves.

Boot Kamp
I'm Gonna Get Ya
Jax Special
What You Get
Get Some Sucka
Rush N Hook

Very well done. Now you must master attack combinations. Utilizing combos will greatly increase the damage done to your opponent.

Practice these Muay Thai combos before your time runs out.

Excellent. I have chosen my student well. Let us now see how much you have learned.

Execute these Muay Thai commands on Shang Tsung before he defeats you or before time runs out.

You seem sluggish. You must focus your energy.

You are indeed worthy of the warrior's virtue.

Now that you have mastered some of Jax's Muay Thai combos, let us move on to another of Jax's fighting styles, Judo. In 1882 Judo was developed in Japan by Jigoro Kano. It is a descendent of Japanese jujutsu with an emphasis on self-defense and sport competition. The Judo philosophy is maximum efficiency with minimum effort. A kombatant using Judo will try to use his opponent's energy and weight against him by controlling his center of gravity.

Perform a Suplex

Perform a Leg Trip Throw

Now do a regular throw

Judo is known for its throwing techniques. Throws are used to attack opponents who defend excessively. Perform these Judo moves before the time runs out. Remember, every obstacle can be overcome.

Metal Fury

Excellent. Now you must expand your training by mastering a few Judo combos.

Perform a suplex
Metal Fury
Perform a leg trip throw
No Mans Land

I am indeed impressed! Now execute these combos and throws on Kano once more before he defeats you or before time runs out. You must repeat your training. Try again. Indeed you are most fortunate. You will now have the honor of participating in The Trial Of Blood!

Pints of blood

Make Drahmin bleed 50 pints of blood before he defeats you or time runs out.

Perhaps you are squeamish? Try again.

Excellent! Now you must learn Jax's weapon style, the Tonfa. The Tonfa was originally the handle from a hand-operated grain mill used on farms. As early as 1477, there were bans on the use of weapons in Okinawa. The Okinawans began underground training in unarmed and armed kombat.

Spear Hand
Double Strike
Scissor Sweep
Scissor Strike
Uppercut Strike
Roundhouse Elbow
Low Back Handv Tonfa Sweep
Downward Strike

Hit Scorpion 9 times with the Tonfa before time runs out.

You failed. Be sure to switch to the Tonfa style when practicing these moves.

Now that you have learned the basic combos, let's learn some of his combos that change from one style into another style.

Try this combo that starts in Muay Thai and goes into Judo.

Now execute that combo one more time, but this time add one more hit.

Now add a final blow that finishes the combo we just learned.

Now execute one of Jax's combos that spans all 3 of his styles.

You failed. It would seem that your thoughts are elsewhere. You must concentrate. Try again.

It is one thing to defeat a foe who does not share your thoughts. It is a completely different situation when confronting a foe who can anticipate your every move.

Your final test will be to face a mirror image of Jax. If you can win 3 out of 5 matches, you will have completed your training. Good Luck. Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.

You must press on! You must achieve your destiny!

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled, and there is always more to learn.