The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Shang Tsung

The Sorcerer Shang Tsung is cursed to consume the souls of defeated warriors in order to stay alive. From these souls he attains greater strength and ability. It could be said that his fighting skill is the culmination of those he has conquered. We shall see if you can master his fighting ability through practice alone.

The history of Shang Tsung's Snake fighting style is hard to trace historically because it is incorporated into so many Chinese fighting systems. Shang Tsung absorbed this fighting style by consuming the soul of a Shaolin monk.

Bai She Tu Xin
Cross Fang
Viper Strike
Gut Buster
Qing She Chu Dong
High Snapkick
Mid Kick
Eagle Pecking

The Snake fighting style consists mainly of fast-jabbing, short-ranged high attacks.

Attack the Shaolin monk, Kung Lao, with Shang Tsung's basic Snake high attacks.

Low Palm
Twin Fang
Quick Bite
Twin Cobra

Shang Tsung's Snake low attacks strike like a viper.

Practice Shang Tsung's Snake basic low attacks.


While in the Snake fighting style, Shang Tsung can distance himself from his opponents with a backflip Escape.

Execute 3 successful backflip Escape moves while in the Snake fighting style.

You must absorb more fighting skills. Attack Kung Lao!

Shao Kahn had sent orders to Shang Tsung, commanding the sorcerer to aid him in the battle against the united forces of Edenia and the Shokan. The message was delivered by Reptile. At first, Shang Tsung did not recognize Reptile, for he had morphed into something more primal than in years past. Shang Tsung mistook Reptile for an assassin and braced for an attack.

Chin Punch
Crane Neck
Strong Knee
Flapping Wing
Hop Sidekick
Low Peck
Spinning Sidekick
Spinning Crane Kick

Shang Tsung poised himself in the Crane Style stance. Reptile perceived this to be offensive move. A battle ensued. Attack the assassin with Shang Tsung's Crane fighting style high attacks.

Crane Wing

During the fight, Shang Tsung used a Crane pop-up attack on the assassin. This attack allowed Shang Tsung to pop Reptile into the air long enough to execute another attack. Attack the assassin with the Crane Wing pop-up attack!


Now attack the assassin with the Crane Wing pop-up attack and, while he is still in the air, attack him 2 more times with the Crane Wing pop-up attack.

Sweeping Crane

Shang Tsung can sweep kick an opponent while in his Crane style.

Sweep kick the assassin 3 times!


While in the Crane fighting style, Shang Tsung can also perform a Reversal. This move allows Shang Tsung to catch an opponent's attacking limb in mid-strike long enough for him to counter with a strike of his own. Counter the assassin's attack with a Reversal move while in the Crane style!

No one attacks Shang Tsung in his own domicile! Repel the invading assassin! Shang Tsung finally recognized Reptile and ceased his attack. Reptile gave him Shao Kahn's orders to report to the Emperor's fortress, and then he departed. Moments later, there was a ruckus in the outside courtyard. Shang Tsung emerged from his domicile to find that the sorcerer Quan Chi had just defeated Scorpion in a short but heated battle. Quan Chi explained that the ninja spectre had been lying in wait for Shang Tsung.

Front Swipe
Lifting Swing
Rising Slice
Back Hand Lunge
Foot Sword
Cross Strike
Chest Slice
Spinning Slice
Sweeping Strike

If Quan Chi had not been there to intervene, Shang Tsung would surely have been attacked by the ninja spectre, Scorpion. Against such a powerful foe, Shang Tsung would have needed to draw his Straight Sword. Attack Scorpion with Shang Tsung's basic Straight Sword high attacks.

Shin Slash
Low 2 Hit Swipe
Low Stab

To keep his opponents on the defensive, Shang Tsung uses a series of Straight Sword low attacks.

Attack Scorpion with Shang Tsung's basic Straight Sword low attacks.


In order to insure Scorpion's defeat, Shang Tsung would have had to Impale the ninja spectre. By stabbing Scorpion and not retrieving the blade, Shang Tsung would have slowly drained Scorpion's netheressence.

Impale Scorpion with your Straight Sword.

Perhaps it was best that Quan Chi destroyed Scorpion. Perhaps you are not yet skilled enough to defend against such a powerful foe.

Quan Chi had come to Shang Tsung with an offer to form an alliance. He explained in detail how the two sorcerers could greatly benefit each other if they joined forces. Shang Tsung was no fool. He understood the risks involved with Quan Chi's proposal. But after some convincing from his fellow sorcerer, he readily agreed. The first act of the Deadly Alliance would be to eliminate Shao Kahn. Shang Tsung made use of Shao Kahn's mandate to return to his fortress as a means to get within striking distance.

Straight Fire

An attack Shang Tsung used while he and Quan Chi fought the Emperor, Shao Kahn, was his Fireball. One variation is the Straight Fire. Practice this attack on Quan Chi 3 times.

Straight Fire

Hit Quan Chi 3 times with Shang Tsung's Straight Fire fireball again. Quan Chi will not be standing still this time.

3D Fire Far

Another fireball attack Shang Tsung used against Shao Kahn was his 3D Fire. Practice the long-range version of this attack on Quan Chi.

3D Fire Close

Well done. Now try to hit Quan Chi with the shorter-range version of Shang Tsung's 3D Fire attack. You must learn this attack if you wish to slay the Emperor, Shao Kahn. After defeating the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn, the two sorcerers traveled to Earthrealm by way of a celestial portal known only to sorcerers and deities. To earn the privilege of crossing over the void, each sorcerer had to kombat a representation of his greatest adversary. For Shang Tsung, the opponent came in the form of Quan Chi.

Twisting Python
Spiritual Snake Tail

Attack Quan Chi with Shang Tsung's Snake attack combos to earn the right to pass.

If you do not defeat Quan Chi's double, you will not be allowed to pass to Earthrealm.

Hissing Strikes
Snake Eyes

The Quan Chi double did not fall from your first attack. Try these more advanced Snake combos. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi had traveled to Earthrealm to seek out Shang Tsung's nemesis, Liu Kang. By disguising himself as Kung Lao, Shang Tsung was able to approach Liu Kang while he was practicing his meditation katas. In the fight that ensued, Shang Tsung had almost lost to Liu Kang's might. From out of nowhere, Quan Chi threw the Shaolin monk off balance with a surprise attack... and gave Shang Tsung the moment he needed to kill Liu Kang.

Crazy Wings
3 Hit Wings
Triple Chin Punch

The Elder God, Raiden, had witnessed the battle from The Heavens and decided to return to Earth to kombat the Deadly Alliance. Attack Raiden with these Crane fighting style combos.

Raiden has been a thorn in your side for many years. Make him pay for the suffering he has caused you.

Well done! Let us see how you fare with some more complicated combos... Shang Tsung and Quan Chi left Liu Kang's body where it lay to complete their next task... to locate the Red Dragon clan member, Mavado. They had use of his clan's talents and offered his clan asylum from the coming invasion of Earthrealm, should he complete the task they proposed. Mavado accepted their offer on behalf of his clan and followed the two sorcerers back to Outworld.

Deadly Blade
Ancient Strike
Soul Sucker
Master's Edge

Practice Shang Tsung's Straight Sword attack combos with Mavado.


Shang Tsung has mastered the ability to Impale his Straight Sword into an opponent to slowly drain his life force. Once lodged into an opponent, Shang Tsung's blade cannot be removed. Impale Shang Tsung's Straight Sword into Mavado.

Mavado is indeed a great warrior. But he is no match for your Straight Sword prowess. Finish him. Some time after Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, and Mavado had returned to Outworld, Shang Tsung made a pact with two Oni from the Netherealm. He kept them in a chamber in the lower levels of his new palace and fed them mortals to keep them satisfied. In the event that Quan Chi betrayed Shang Tsung, he would release the vengeful Oni upon him.

Start in Snake
Cold Blooded

By linking multiple fighting styles together into one long combo, Shang Tsung can more effectively kombat his opponents.

Practice Shang Tsung's Style Branch combos on the Oni, Drahmin. This one starts in the Snake style and goes into the Crane style.

Start in Snake
Cold Blooded

Execute that same combo on Drahmin. This time, he will fight back.

Start in Crane

Next, attack Drahmin with some Style Branch combos that begins with the Crane style and go into the Straight Sword. Start in Crane

Execute those same combos on Drahmin. This time, he will fight back.

You must confront your demons. Shang Tsung has survived for centuries by stealing the souls of warriors. Once Shang Tsung has preformed his Soul Steal move, it is said that he absorbs some of his victims' attributes as well maintains his youth.

Regain full health by stealing some of Quan Chi's life force 3 times.

Soul Steal

Quan Chi believes that you have betrayed him! The Deadly Alliance is no more! In retribution for your insolence, Quan Chi has cast a life-drain spell on you!

You must steal some of his life force 5 times to stay alive!


Impale the infidel Quan Chi with Shang Tsung's Straight Sword! You must not fail!

Most impressive! You have learned much through your journey. You have mastered many fighting styles and beaten many opponents. But there is one opponent you still need to confront...

It is one thing to defeat a foe that does not share your thoughts. It is a completely different situation when confronting a foe that can anticipate your every move. Your final test will be to face a mirror image of Shang Tsung. If you can win 3 out of 5 matches, you will have completed your training. Good Luck.

Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.

You failed.

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled, and there is always more to learn.