The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Kano

Kano has a knack for survival. Not only has he survived massive attacks from his enemies, but his lack of loyalty allows him to change sides to suit his goals. This mercenary has betrayed many who have called him ally. You must watch your back as you embark on this journey.

Meaning 'mind form,' Xing Yi is a simple and practical style of kung-fu that originated in the San-Shih province of China. This is a northern Chinese system, which relies on short basic forms for training. This art has long been associated with Ba Gua beginning in the early 1900's, and the two are often taught together.

Straight Punch
Axe Strike
Front Snap Kick
Rising Knee
Power Fist
Tiger Strike
Hopping Back Kick

High atop a skyscraper, Kano faced off against Special Forces agent Sonya Blade during Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm. Find out how much she's missed you by applying Kano's Xing Yi basic high attacks to her pretty face.

Lifting High Kick

Kano had kicked Sonya into one of the stone gargoyles on the roof of the skyscraper.

Try out Kano's pop-up attack called the Lifting High Kick.


OY! Not Bad! The Lifting High Kick pops Kano's opponent into the air long enough to attempt another attack. Now juggle Sonya in the bristols with 3 Lifting Kicks before she hits the ground.

Low Palm Strike
Eagle Strike
Low Elbow Strike
Toe Strike

Sonya was on her knees, defeated. Kano grabbed a lock of her hair in his fist, and prepared to finish her. Suddenly, the wench sprung a leg grab flip attack, and sent Kano over the side to the street below. If only he had used a low attack right away. Practice Kano's Xing Yi low attacks.


Kano lay severely injured, and would surely have perished had Motaro not seen the fight. The Centaur brought Kano back to Shao Kahn's fortress and revived him with magic.

Reversals of fate are not uncommon for Kano. Practice Kano's Reversal move when Sonya attacks.

Give that four by four what she deserves! You've been waiting for this fight for a long time! Try again! Like the Special Forces agent, Jackson Briggs, Kano is skilled in martial arts fighting techniques that specialize in throwing an opponent to the ground. The style Kano uses most is Aikido.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed in the first half of the 20th century by the founder of the Black Dragon clan, Morihei Uyeshiba. Through Aikido, Uyeshiba developed extraordinary self-defense skills. He could take down and pin opponents of much greater size.

Heaven And Earth Throw
Breath-Power Throw
Normal Throw

Practice Kano's basic Aikido throws on his largest enemy, Jax.

Jax is quite angry now. He says he won't allow you to throw him again. Prove the yank wrong. Attack him with the Aikido attacks you have just learned.

Side Kick
Frontal Kick
Crescent Kick

You've got him knackered! Now practice Kano's Aikido high attacks!

Low Frontal Punch
Loe Toe Kick
Low Side Kick
Low Step Kick
Knee Kick

Now hit him low with Kano's Aikido low attacks. You gotta get close for these ones. Go on! Kick him in the cobblers!

Power-Up and Attack

While in his Aikido fighting style, Kano can perform a Neijin to power up his attacks. Execute a Neijin and belt Jax with a powered up attack of your choice. Let 'im 'ave it! Jax ain't so tough. You can beat him. Remember, it was his Special Forces unit who destroyed the Black Dragon clan. It was Jax who smashed your face! Time for some PAYBACK!! Although Motaro had rescued Kano, it was merely to imprison him so he could later face the wrath of Shao Kahn for his failure to defeat Sonya. But the Shokan warrior, Sheeva, slew Motaro outside of Kano's cell. She was on her way to assassinate Shao Kahn as well when Kano offered his assistance if Sheeva let him out of his cage.

Kano and Sheeva proceeded to the throne room of Shao Kahn. When they arrived at the door, Kano suggested that he go in first to distract the Emperor. Kano would give the signal for Sheeva to enter and slay the preoccupied Shao Kahn. But Kano betrayed Sheeva and informed Shao Kahn of her assassination plot. When Kano called her in, Shao Kahn thrust a sword through her chest from behind.

Jut Do
Twisting Sword
Biu Do
Pek Do
Downward Circling Sword
Upward Circling Sword
Push Strike
Rising Strike
Rising Chop

Like the Red Dragon clan member, Mavado, Kano uses a double-weapon fighting style. Kano's Butterfly Knives have a 200-year history as part of the Shaolin system. Kano hates the Shaolin and uses the knives in his own way.

Mavado is a right jam roll! Attack him with Kano's Butterfly Knife high attacks.

Jut Do
Twisting Sword
Biu Do
Pek Do
Downward Circling Sword
Upward Circling Sword
Push Strike
Rising Strike
Rising Chop

Mavado's main goal is to wipe out all traces of the Black Dragon. Defend yourself against this Red Dragon bugger with the Butterfly Knife attacks you've just learned.

Piercing Low Strike
Cutting Sword

It seems Mavado will have a hard time eliminating the Black Dragon. Now practice Kano's Butterfly low attacks on him while he's still tired from your last thrashing.

Piercing Low Strike
Cutting Sword

Well done, but it seems like Mavado has gotten his second wind! Try those low attacks on him again! Your Black Dragon forefathers broke away from the ranks of the Red Dragon for a reason. They're a bunch of gordons. Show Mavado which clan is superior. Give him a good kick up the bottle! Impressed with Kano's loyalty even in the face of severe punishment or death, the Emperor Shao Kahn put him in charge of his armies in place of the slain Motaro. He ordered Kano to return to Outworld to bring reinforcements for the final attack on Earthrealm.

Honor and Disgrace

Another member of the Red Dragon is Hsu Hao. He's a right sherman as well. Knock him in the niagras with some easy Xing Yi combos.

Hsu Hao didn't like that much. That suits you just fine. Use the same combos to really thrash him.

Five Element Fists
Seek And Destroy
Three Powers

Some Xing Yi combos require more skill. Practice these more advanced Xing Yi combos.

That'll teach him... ooohhh... he hasn't had enough yet. Smack that toe-rag in the jacobs again if he don't know when to quit!

Beauty! Now for one of Kano's Style Branch combos called Maximum Damage. This combo begins with Kano's Xing Yi style and then goes into his Aikido style.

Maximum Damage

Let's show off for the ladies and finish Hsu Hao once and for all with the Maximum Damage combo once more. It turns out that Hsu hao had been feeding information to the Special Forces about the Black Dragons' whereabouts. He's got some punishment coming his way. Smab him in the pesina! Do it for Jarek! By the time Kano had garnered his troops for the final invasion, Shao Kahn had been overpowered and retreated to Outworld. Kano has remained in that realm serving his emperor since then.

2-Hit Doom
Total Karnage

Reptile also serves Shao Kahn in Outworld. He's been kissing up to the emperor for years. Make sure he doesn't take your position as general of Shao Kahn's armies. Wallop him in the goskies... (does Reptile even HAVE goskies?)... with these Aikido combos!

2-Hit Doom
Total Karnage

Reptile was unsure why you had attacked him. But now that you have made your intentions clear, he will use his gator-like strength to destroy you. Use the same combos you just learned to vogel him good. Start In Aikido

Crikey! That croc won't be hunting in Outworld for a while! Now for one of Kano's Style Branch combos called Rise And Shine.

This combo begins with Kano's Aikido style and then goes into his Butterfly Knives. Start In Aikido

That was beauuuuutiful! But now, Reptile's primal fury is at a boiling point. You'll have to be quick this time.

Finish him with the Killing Time combo. Bonk his jibblies but good! Was all that confusing UK slang affecting your performance? Sorry about that. Maybe you'll do better if I just quit it. Try again. If you need to brush up on Kano's moves, pause the game and go to the Moves List menu. Princess Kitana had succeeded in separating her realm of Edenia from Outworld. To ensure Shao Kahn would never again have a chance to claim her world as his own, she led her army in a pre-emptive strike against the weakened Emperor. Kano's armies were overwhelmed, and it seemed to him that he may have joined the losing side.

Lost Dragon
Ear To Ear

Attack Kitana with Kano's Butterfly Knife combos.

Kano's army repelled Kitana's first assault. Kano had proven to be an excellent general. Unknown to Kano, however, Kitana had allied with the Shokan armies, led by Prince Goro. Their combined forces attacked with intensified ferocity. Defend yourself against Kitana with your Butterfly Knife combos!

This could spell the end for your master Shao Kahn if you do not defeat Kitana's forces. ATAAAACKK!!! Kano had once again repelled Princess Kitana's forces, but he did not know for how long he could hold them off. He went to personally inform Shao Kahn of the victory, but discovered the Emperor to be engaged in a spectacular battle with the two sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. He stood behind a pillar and waited for the outcome of the battle.

Cannon Ball

Practice Kano's Cannon Ball attack while you wait to see who wins the battle between the Deadly Alliance and Emperor Shao Kahn.

Well done! Now for a more tricky move. Can you hit Quan Chi with Kano's Cannon Ball 3 times if he fights back?

Eye Laser

Excellent! Now for target practice. Kano uses his Eye Laser to push aggressive attackers away. Push Quan Chi with the Eye Laser 3 times.

That stung! Quan Chi didn't like that, but do it to him again 3 more times! No no no. Try again. At first it had seemed that Shao Kahn would emerge victorious, but the combined strength of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung proved to be too much for the weakened Emperor. The sorcerers had won. Kano then emerged from the shadows, and pledged his allegiance to the Deadly Alliance.


Show Shang Tsung your special moves combos. Keep him in the air with 2 pop-up kicks, and finish with the Cannon Ball attack.

Well done! Now try that same combo, but this time finish with a Eye Laser attack.

This next combo is a bit more tricky. The last attack will send Shang Tsung flying through the air. Take advantage of that and finish with a Cannon Ball attack.

Shang Tsung is most impressed! Now show your versatility and execute that same combo, except this time finish with the Laser Eye attack.

Repeat the combo until you have mastered it! Prove to Shang Tsung that you are worthy of the Deadly Alliance. Indeed you are most fortunate. You will now have the honor of participating in The Trial Of Blood!

Pints of blood

Make Sonya bleed 80 pints of blood before she defeats you or time runs out. You failed.It would seem that your thoughts are elsewhere. You must concentrate. Most impressive! You have learned much through your journey. You have mastered many fighting styles and beaten many opponents. But there is one opponent you still need to confront...

It is one thing to defeat a foe that does not share your thoughts. It is a completely different situation when confronting a foe that can anticipate your every move. Your final test will be to face a mirror image of Kano. If you can win 3 out of 5 matches, you will have completed your training. Good Luck.

Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.

You failed. You have to learn to perform all of Kano's attacks and also defend against Kano's attacks if you plan on being victorious.

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled, and there is always more to learn.