The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Quan Chi

The sorcerer Quan Chi is as vile as they come. His kombat skills come from a great understanding of sorcery, rather than from actual training or practice. You will not be as fortunate on this journey. You will have to learn the hard way. The first of Quan Chi's styles that you must learn is Tang Soo Do.

Tang Soo Do is a relatively modern Korean martial art developed by Hwang Kee. It is a combination of several arts, which Hwang Kee studied during his life. These arts included Soo Bahk Do (Korean), Tae Kyun (Korean), Tang Method (Northern Chinese), and Southern Chinese (unspecified).

Open Palm
Forward Open Palm
Front Ball Kick
One Knuckle Fist Punch
Downward Elbow

Scorpion had brutalized Quan Chi while they were both stranded in the 5th plane of the Netherealm. The ninja spectre drew strength from that realm, whereas Quan Chi's sorcery weakened.

Quan Chi had to rely on his most basic of attacks to fend off Scorpion's assaults. Prepare yourself, dark acolyte, for you are about to train in Quan Chi's Tang Soo Do basic attacks.

Knee Chop
Low Spearhand
Low Parallel Punch
Sweeping Knife Hook
Low Foot Strike

Excellent. Let us move on to Tang Soo Do low attacks. Quan Chi uses these attacks in close proximity to his opponent.


Well done. Quan Chi has a knack for reversing his fortunes. What seems like a devastating blow eventually turns to his advantage. Call it his sorcerer's luck. This dark fortune also applies to his fighting ability. When an opponent strikes, Quan Chi can perform what is called a Reversal to get the upper hand. Counter 3 attacks from the infidel Scorpion with Quan Chi's Reversal move.

You are weak. You must pass this test, or suffer the consequences. Begin again!

Now you understand the power of dark fortune. It seemed that Quan Chi had been trapped in the Netherealm to be forever tormented by the ninja spectre Scorpion. But fate turned to Quan Chi's favor when two Oni, Moloch and Drahmin, presented to him ancient information regarding his amulet.

This new information, enscribed on tablets, detailed the amulet's purpose and how to control it. Quan Chi used the information to escape from the Netherealm through a cloaked Realm Gateway without his Oni companions.

Quan Chi emerged in Outworld to find himself inside a large stone structure. He felt his powers returning and used them to decipher the hieroglyphs on a large sarcophagus. He was amazed to discover that he had stumbled upon the tomb of the long-forgotten Dragon King and his undefeatable army.

As Quan Chi's magical strength returned, he slowly regained the fighting prowess drained from him during his time in the Netherealm. The fighting style Escrima was one of his first skills to reappear.

Backhand Strike
Chest Strike
Rising Knee Strike
Deadly Palm
Straight Fist

Practice Quan Chi's basic Escrima attacks on the Netherealm Oni, Drahmin.

Lightning Strike

Eeeexcellent! Quan Chi's Escrima style utilizes a pop-up attack called the Lightning Strike. This move allows him to pop his opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.

Attack Drahmin with the Lightning Strike 3 times.

Piercing Elbow
Cutting Elbow

Very impressive, Dark One. Now for Quan Chi's Escrima low attacks.

Power-Up and Attack

The next of Quan Chi's Escrima techniques to return to him was his Neijin. For a short period of time, a Neijin gives Quan Chi extra attacking power to wreak added damage upon his opponents. Perform a Neijin and strike the fool Oni, Drahmin.

You are not yet worthy of Quan Chi's excellence. Contemplate this on the Stone of Woe for 7 days. If you survive, you may resume your study of Quan Chi's devastating attacks.

Quan Chi had regained enough strength to wield his Double Broadswords. Although this technique was similar to the single broadsword, Quan Chi considered the more advanced use of two weapons to be quite advantageous in kombat. They also proved to be advantageous in freeing himself from the tomb to search for the sorcerer, Shang Tsung.

Piercing Thrust
Deceiving Strike
Dual Blade Swing
2-Hit Strike
Dual Side Slash

Practice these Double Broadsword techniques that Quan Chi has used to slay countless infidels foolish enough to oppose him.

Double Edged Blow
Winged Strike
Half Moon Slice
Circular Slash

Indeed, your prowess with the swords is undeniable. Perhaps you should move on to Quan Chi's Double Broadsword low attacks.

I tire of your incompetence. Complete this lesson or suffer the consequences.

By the time Quan Chi had reached the rumored abode of Shang Tsung, his Special Attacks had regained full strength. And just in time, it would seem, as Quan Chi was soon confronted by none other than Scorpion. The imbecile ninja must have somehow escaped the Netherealm through the same portal as Quan Chi, but had emerged elsewhere in Outworld. The two adversaries battled furiously, but Quan Chi gained the upper hand when he cast his Skull Fireball at the unsuspecting Scorpion.

Quan Chi can focus his Fa Jing into a foul skull spectre and propel it at his opponent. This attack is painful, but it also serves to intimidate the weak-minded.

Skull Fireball

Destroy Scorpion with 3 Skull Fireballs before time runs out.

You will learn this lesson or Scorpion will blow you to pieces.

Although Quan Chi thought he had defeated Scorpion with his Skull Fireball, the ninja had only been feigning death, and sprung a surprise attack with his spear. Reeling from the pain inflicted by the Skull Fireball, the enraged ninja proved to be much more aggressive this time. Strike Scorpion down with 3 more Skull Fireballs before he defeats you or time runs out. Although Quan Chi had blasted Scorpion with his Skull Fireball multiple times, he finally resorted to his Rising Star kick, and sent Scorpion flying backward into a moat of acid that surrounded the courtyard.

A short time later, Shang Tsung emerged from a doorway to applaud his fellow sorcerer's victory. Shang Tsung had not interfered with their battle, and had remained inside his home until the kombat had ceased. Scorpion's demise in the acid bath led Shang Tsung to believe that Quan Chi had defeated Scorpion with a lucky shot.

The Special Attack that had sent Scorpion hurling into the acid bath is called the Rising Star kick. It is a pop-up attack that can also be used to dodge projectiles.

Rising Star

Quan Chi tried to propose an alliance with Shang Tsung, but Shang Tsung did not believe that Quan Chi was a worthy ally. Show Shang Tsung the Rising Star special move that Quan Chi used to defeat Scorpion.

Perform the Rising Star 3 times.

You are an embarrassing excuse for a warrior. Repeat the lesson, or be banished to the Netherealm forever.

Rising Star

Shang Tsung believes that the Rising Star kick is indeed fast enough to hit an average warrior, but he laughs at the idea that it could defeat an aggressive opponent such as the ninja spectre, Scorpion. Show the infidel that you are a warrior worthy of a Deadly Alliance. Kick Shang Tsung 3 times with the Rising Star before he defeats you or time runs out.

Shang Tsung was impressed with Quan Chi's fighting abilities and agreed to listen to his proposal for an alliance between the two sorcerers. Quan Chi began by explaining that he could provide an endless supply of souls for Shang Tsung to consume in return for Shang Tsung's assistance in reviving the Dragon King's undefeatable army. Their combined efforts would strengthen both sorcerers. Shang Tsung would achieve immortality, and Quan Chi would obtain military power.

Face Breaker
Path Maker
Rushing Palm

Just as Shang Tsung and Quan Chi will combine their efforts to become a stronger power, you must now learn to combine your moves to create more powerful attacks.

Practice these Tang Soo Do combos before time runs out. Perhaps you are not worthy of an alliance with Shang Tsung. Complete the lesson.

Walking Dead
Running Stream
Internal Power
Strong Wind
Green Mountain

Do you feel the power behind the attack combos? The more moves you combine, the more powerful the attack becomes. Practice these more advanced combos.

Quan Chi had discovered that the amulet he stole from the Elder God, Shinnok, was in fact a key to manipulate inter-realm portals. Quan Chi pledged to unlock a portal to The Heavens to allow Shang Tsung to feed from the limitless souls of that realm. In return, Shang Tsung agreed to transplant the souls of defeated warriors into the mummified remains of the Dragon King's army. With a handshake to seal the unholy pact, the Deadly Alliance was formed.

Double Pinasaka
Rushing Knee

Quan Chi can also combine attacks in the Escrima fighting style. Practice these Escrima combos before time runs out.

Your insolence will not be tolerated! Complete the lesson or your soul will be transferred to the mummified remains of a dead soldier!

De Cadena
Ice Pick
Hit and Run
Slitting Hand

Most impressive! You will serve the Deadly Alliance well. Let us see how you fare with some more advanced Escrima combos.

Doom Blade

Well done, my pupil. Now you must prove yourself by mastering Quan Chi's Double Broadsword combo.

Indeed you are most fortunate. You will now have the honor of participating in The Trial Of Blood!

Pints of blood

Make Raiden bleed 50 pints of blood before he defeats you or time runs out.

Perhaps you are squeamish? Try again.

In order for their plans of realm domination to take root, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung needed to eliminate the only two beings capable of stopping them. The first was the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn.

Shao Kahn had been weakened by his defeat during the Earthrealm invasion, and Princess Kitana's military forces were causing an incredible strain on his remaining power. Under the pretense that they would aid the failing Emperor, they gained entrance to his throne room and sprung their attack. In a spectacular battle of brute strength and magic, Shao Kahn was defeated.

Start in Tang Soo Do

Now, dark acolyte, you must learn to combine Quan Chi's fighting styles into longer, more powerful attack combinations. Begin with this combo that starts with the Tang Soo Do fighting style and changes into the Escrima fighting style.

Start in Tang Soo Do

Well done! Now you must expand upon that combo by adding one more strike in the Escrima style.

Start in Tang Soo Do

Most impressive! But to prove once and for all that you are worthy of the Deadly Alliance, you must perfect this next combo that chains all three of Quan Chi's fighting styles into one long combo.

It begins with Tang Soo Do, switches to Escrima, and finishes with the Double Broadsword.

There is no room for failure. If you do not succeed, the Deadly Alliance will show you no mercy. Complete the lesson!

Most impressive! You have mastered Quan Chi's fighting styles, special moves, and combo attacks! You will be a great asset to Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. But there is one more test you must pass before serving the Deadly Alliance. There is one more foe you must confront...

After slaying the Emperor, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung attempted to travel to Earthrealm by way of a celestial portal known only to sorcerers and deities. Although Quan Chi could reveal the cloaked portal with his amulet, he could not use the artifact to control it. To earn the right to pass, each sorcerer would have to defeat a representation of his greatest adversary. For Quan Chi, that challenge came in the form of himself.

Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.

You failed. You have to learn to perform all of Quan Chi's attacks and also defend against Quan Chi's attacks if you plan on being victorious.

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled and there is always more to learn.