The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Nitara

The vampire Nitara first manipulated Reptile into destroying the console on Cyrax's arm, which rendered the cyborg stranded in Outworld. She then manipulated Cyrax to retrieve a mysterious Orb hidden somewhere in that realm. Although Nitara relies on deception to attain her goals, her fighting styles are very direct, as you will soon discover.

Nitara's first fighting style is the Leopard style, which is known for its cruel and cunning attacks.

The Leopard style is one of the most vicious and crafty of the animal fighting styles. Not as strong as the Tiger style, but it is superior in its swiftness and jumping ability. The techniques simulate those of a Leopard, stressing the importance of free movement and quick actions.

Paw Strike
Switching Paw
Front Kick
Front Rising Paw
Soaring Paw

Like Nitara, Scorpion is a creature of the darkness. See how you fare against him as you practice her Leopard techniques.


Well done. Next, you will practice a useful Leopard attack called the Lifting Strike, which allows Nitara to pop her opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.

Attack Scorpion with the Lifting Strike, and then juggle him in the air with 3 more Lifting Strikes before he hits the ground.

A powerful Leopard attack that Nitara uses to put distance between herself and opponents is the Dual Claw Push. With one massive hit, Nitara can send her opponent sailing across the arena.

Attack the Ninja Spectre Scorpion with the Dual Claw Push twice.

Dual Claw Push

Very well done. You hit him like a bomb. Nitara's Leopard style also has a set of low attacks. She uses these moves to keep her opponents guessing.

Sweep Kick
Step Kick
Low Kick
Low Jab

The Deadly Lifting Strike allows Nitara to pop an opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack. Try juggling Scorpion with the Lifting Strike, and while he is still in the air, attack him with the Dual Claw move.


While in the Leopard style, Nitara can flap her wings to propel herself backward. This Escape maneuver allows her to put distance between herself and her opponent.

Try to execute 3 successful Escapes, and get yourself out of harm's way.


You must be deaf. Leopard style is not executed in such a way. Listen to my instructions again.

You have fought well against Scorpion, and have learned much about the Leopard fighting style. But you must not stop there if you wish to complete this journey. You must learn another of Nitara's fighting styles. As you train in the fighting art of Fu Jow Pai, your opponent will be the creature Reptile.

Nitara saw in Reptile a fool to be exploited. She deliberately led him away from his master Shao Kahn both to gain his trust, and to allow the sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to perpetrate their assassination plot. Had Reptile been at the Emperor's side, they would never have succeeded.

Fu Jow Pai was originally 'Hark Fu Moon', or Black Tiger System. It was renamed by Grand Master Wong Bil Hong to 'Fu Jow Pai of Hoy Hong Temple'. The teachings of Black Tiger Claw Kung Fu has been passed down through the ages without any written documentation, making it difficult to compile its history.

In order to master Nitara's next art of Fu Jow Pai, you must first learn the basic techniques.Straight Claw
Upward Paw
Back Kick
Tiger Strike

A useful Fu Jow Pai attack, called the Lifting Kick, allows Nitara to pop her opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack. Execute this devastating attack 3 times on Reptile.

Lifting Kick

Excellent. You are learning quickly. Let us move on to Fu Jow Pai's low attacks. Practice these low attacks on Reptile.

Tiger Scratch
Spinning Low Kick
Shin Kick
Low Toe Kick
Knee Strike

By channeling energy from a crystal necklace through her Fu Jow Pai style, Nitara is able to perform a Niejin. A Neijin allows Nitara to increase the power of her attacks for a limited period of time.

Power-Up and Attack

Execute a Neijin, and strike Reptile with a powered-up attack.

You have not yet failed on this journey. Do not stop believing. Practice these moves faithfully and you can achieve your goals any way you want them.

Excellent! Your training in the art of Fu Jow Pai is complete! Let us move on to Nitara's weapon style, the Kama.

The Kama is a farm implement used for rice harvesting. It was adopted as a weapon in China, Okinawa, and Japan when vampire invaders from Outworld were witnessed using similar weapons. In China and Japan, the Kama was often used in conjunction with a chain to encircle opponents. The Okinawans preferred to use two Kama together. The Kama is one of the five principle weapons of the Okinawa art of Kobudo/Kobujutsu.

Dual Overhead Strike
Hook Swipe Knockdown
Low Cross Strike
Charging Overhead
Scissor Swipe

Nitara uses this traditional vampire weapon to viciously tear open her opponents. You must learn her techniques to further balance your fighting skills. You will spar with Cyrax. Through careful manipulation, Nitara had coerced Reptile to destroy Cyrax's arm console, preventing the cyborg ninja from returning to Earthrealm.

Welcome Cyrax to Outworld with a few devastating Kama attacks.

Low Rising Swing
Backhand Swing
Low Sweeping Slice

Excellent. Nitara was suspiciously present immediately after Cyrax defeated Reptile. She made him an offer to return him to his home realm, if he would aid her in retrieving a mystical object that bound her realm to the realm of Outworld.

Now you must offer Cyrax some of Nitara's Kama low attacks.

Rising Swing

Very well done. A useful Kama attack, called the Rising Swing, allows Nitara to strike an opponent while in mid-air.

Attack Cyrax in mid-air with the Rising Swing attack 3 times to continue further.

You must successfully learn the Kama. Khameleon would have mastered it with ease had her culture not been clubbed by Shao Kahn ages ago. Most impressive! You have mastered Nitara's three fighting styles. Now you must train in the dark arts of the vampire special attacks.

The Vampire nation has existed for eons, and has traveled to many realms to feed on the blood of lesser species. Earthrealm has been an excellent source of food, but its sun emits a form of radiation that is quite harmful to vampires. As a result, vampires can only traverse to that realm for brief periods of time, and only to the hemisphere opposite the sun.

Blood Spit

One attack used often by vampires is the Blood Spit. By regurgitating previously consumed blood, Nitara can hurl the bewitched liquid at her opponent from a distance.

Practice the Blood Spit 3 times on the Outworld Master Bo' Rai Cho, a man who is no stranger to vomit.

Perhaps a finger down your throat might bring forth the blood obscene. Or perhaps that method would prove to be crazy. Train yourself to listen to your inner princess of darkness.

Blood Spit

That blood attack was quite obscene. The Bloody Spit is in your genes. Bo' Rai Cho attacks this bout. Spit 3 times 'fore time runs out.

Suck his blood!

Well done! But you have only begun to harness the true nature of a vampire. Vampires must consume the blood of others to survive. It has been this way since before recorded vampire history. If Nitara feels her life force diminish during a battle, she can rejuvenate her health by extracting a small amount of blood from her opponent, leaving him weaker.

Master Bo' Rai Cho has much blood to spare. Practice Nitara's throw on him 2 times.

Suck his blood!

Indeed you are most agile. Now try her throw 2 more times while Bo' Rai Cho is moving.

The master's been a bad, bad boy. Draining his life you will enjoy. Sink your teeth into his neck, and drain his blood... what the heck.

That was very bloody! Wipe the crimson elixir from your face before you begin the next lesson.

An effective special attack used by the vampire elite is the Unicorn Kick. Although the name sounds most frightening to a vampire, it is not so intimidating to others. The kick itself, however, is indeed something to fear.

Unicorn Kick

Practice Nitara's Unicorn Kick against Quan Chi 3 times before time runs out.

If you do not pass this test, you will be cast into the Netherealm, condemned to run from the Devil for the rest of eternity.

You are indeed learning at a pace that kills. Use the Unicorn Kick against Quan Chi 3 times more. This time, the sorcerer will be well prepared.

Nitara's realm had been merged with Outworld by Shao Kahn ages ago, and the two worlds have been combined into one, forming a more powerful empire. Attack combinations work in much the same way. By utilizing combos in your fighting routines, you will increase the damage done to an opponent.

Leopard at Dawn
Leopard at Rest

Exercise these lethal Leopard combinations on the God of Thunder before time runs out.

You are a midnight queen. You are a creature of the night. Kiss your black diamond freely to draw strength from dark light. Try again.

Excellent! Let us move on to some more intricate combos.


Leopard at Dawn
Snow Leopard
Leopard at Rest

You have done well. Now you must apply the combos you have learned in Mortal Kombat. This time, Raiden will unleash the perfect storm. Your skills are most impressive. You have mastered the Leopard combination attacks. Now you must add to your combo training. You will learn Nitara's Fu Jow Pai combos.

Vampire Bash
Wandering Claws
Black Tiger

Exercise these destructive Fu Jow Pai combos before time runs out.

Vampire Bash

Wandering Claws
Black Tiger

Excellent, young mistress of darkness! But let us see how you fare against one of the top agents of the Special Forces, Jax.

Do not be afraid. On this secret journey, you must learn to harness your Vampiric essence to bring on the night. I will be next to you watching every step you take as you traverse this material world. You have successfully completed the combo systems of Leopard and Fu Jow Pai.

You will now begin combo training in the Kama weapon style.

Treacherous Edge
Kama Fury

Practice these Kama attack combinations before your time runs out.

Patience, sweet child of mine. You are not the first to fail. You are crazy if you do not continue. It is so easy. You must get back in the ring.

Well done. Now you must repeat those very same combos. And this time, Kano is out to get you.


Excellent! You have learned well. Now for a more intense attack. Nitara has a devastating combo called Bloodlust.

The Bloodlust combo allows Nitara to strike high, then low, then high again. It is a perfect strategy against opponents who block excessively. Perform the Bloodlust combo twice on Kano. Unleash your appetite for his destruction. Now that you have mastered all of Nitara's styles and combos, it is time that you practiced combining attacks from different styles into one long combo. This type of attack is called a Style Branch combo.

Scorpion will be your opponent during this lesson. This first style change combo starts in the Leopard style, and goes into the Fu Jow Pai style.

Good. Now execute that same combo one more time, but this time add one more hit between the eyes.

Your attacks were so powerful, it looked as though Scorpion might black out from the force of the blows.

Next you will try 2 different ways to finish the previous combo.

You are a vampire worthy of your heritage. But the final test of this lesson is at hand. You must now perform a Style Branch combo that utilizes all three of Nitara's fighting styles. Nitara has perfected her punches and kicks after six hundred years or more of practice. And after all this time, she gets the same thrill from learning new moves. When it comes to training, she cannot get enough.

You must adopt Nitara's attitude and try again.

Most impressive! You have learned much through your journey. You have mastered many fighting styles and beaten many opponents. But there is one opponent you still need to confront...

It is one thing to defeat a foe that does not share your thoughts. It is a completely different situation when confronting a foe that can anticipate your every move. Your final test will be to face a mirror image of Nitara. If you can win 3 out of 5 matches, you will have completed your training. Good Luck.

Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.

You failed. You have to learn to perform all of Nitara's attacks and also defend against Nitara's attacks if you plan on being victorious.

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled, and there is always more to learn.