The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Kenshi

Although blind, the swordsman who simply calls himself Kenshi is an accomplished warrior. The sword of his ancestors guides his movement as if he could see. The sword also seems to give him powers far beyond that of average kombatants. Tai Chi Chuan, or 'Supreme Ultimate Fist', consists of 13 postures which form the basis for all modern Tai Chi. It is considered an internal form of martial arts where internal energy, or 'Chi', is an important element.

Mid Palm Strike
Chopping Strike
Pushing Hands
Quick Uppercut
Rising Uppercut
Straight Kick
Spinning Roundhouse

After the Special Forces operative, Cyrax, was reported missing in Outworld, Kenshi was recruited as a free agent to search for him. His ulterior motive for accepting the task, however, was to seek out the sorcerer Shang Tsung as well. For this first lesson in Tai Chi basic attacks, Cyrax will be your sparring partner.

Rising Spade Hand

Well done. Your next lesson will be to learn a Tai Chi attack called Rising Spade Hand. This move allows Kenshi to pop an opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.

Execute the Rising Spade Hand on Cyrax.


Try attacking Cyrax with the Rising Spade Hand and, while he is still in the air, attack him 2 more times with the Rising Spade Hand.

Dual Fist Strike
Low Lean Kick
Low Spin Kick
Standing Sweep

Excellent. You are learning quickly. Let us move on to Tai Chi low attacks. These attacks are quite effective, however they do not have much reach. Kenshi uses Tai Chi low attacks in close proximity to his opponent.


While in the Tai Chi fighting style, Kenshi can Taunt his opponent. This move is not only intimidating, but it also rejuvenates some of Kenshi's health.

Execute 2 successful Taunts to regain full health.

You must not disgrace your warrior king heritage. If you do not learn Kenshi's fighting style, you will never defeat Shang Tsung. Remember, you must be in the Tai Chi fighting style to perform these moves. Repeat the lesson.

Well done! Kenshi is descended from a line of long-forgotten warrior kings who resided in a region somewhere between Europe and China. Their people were comprised of a mixture of both cultures.

Hook Punch
Face Strike
Side Kick
Propelling Hook Kick
Snapping Roundhouse
Spinning Roundhouse
Rising Elbow

Your next lesson will encompass the basics of Kenshi's San Shou fighting style.

Rising Toe Kick
Long Range Fist

San Shou has 2 quick pop-up attacks: the Rising Toe Kick and the Long Range Fist. These moves allow Kenshi to pop his opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack. Practice the Rising Toe Kick and the Long Range Fist on your sparring partner, Cyrax.


Most impressive. Now for a challenge. Try attacking Cyrax with the Rising Toe Kick pop-up and, while he is still in the air, attack him 1 more time with the Rising Toe Kick pop-up.


Likewise, try attacking Cyrax with the Long Range Fist pop-up and, while he is still in the air, attack him 2 more times with the Long Range Fist pop-up.

Low Jab
Knee Knocker
Low Sweep
Shin Kick

Not bad... for a blind man. Let us move on to San Shou low attacks. Like Tai Chi, these attacks are also lacking reach. Begin.

Power-Up and Attack

While in the San Shou fighting style, Kenshi can power himself up by performing a Neijin. A Neijin gives added power to his attacks for a short period of time.

Perform a Neijin without getting hit by Cyrax. Then execute a powered-up attack on him. Learn to harness your inner strength. If you need to study Kenshi's moves, pause the game and go to the Moves List.

Try again.

You have mastered Kenshi's unarmed fighting styles, but now you must learn why he is referred to as the 'Sword Saint'. For many years, Kenshi roamed the East, challenging the master swordsmen of that region to sword duels. He desired to become the greatest swordsman in the world and slew many great warriors to prove his superiority. You will challenge Master Bo' Rai Cho of Outworld with Kenshi's Katana fighting style so that you may learn to be the best.

Crescent Blade Strike
Reverse Stab
Charging Slash
Upward Slash
Sweeping Blade
Edge Slash
Piercing Blade

The Katana is the traditional Japanese long sword used by the Samurai. Modern martial art forms still in existence today are broadly referred to as Kenjutsu, Kendo, and Iaido. Kenshi's technique has both reach and above average speed.

Attack Master Bo' Rai Cho with Kenshi's Katana high attacks.

Rising Slash

Well done, and many thanks for not slaying master Bo' Rai Cho. You will now learn a very useful Katana attack called the Rising Slash. This move allows Kenshi to pop his opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.

Practice the Rising Slash on Master Bo' Rai Cho.


You indeed possess the code of the Bushido. Now you must expand on your pop-up training. Once again, attack Master Bo' Rai Cho with the Rising Slash pop-up and, while he is still in the air, attack him 2 more times with the Rising Slash pop-up.

Sidestep Swing

While using his Katana, Kenshi can perform a Sidestep Swipe. He uses this quick move first to dodge an attack, and then to counter with an attack of his own. Evade Master Bo' Rai Cho with 5 successful Sidestep Swings. Let Kenshi's ancestral sword guide you. If you need to study Kenshi's moves, pause the game and go to the Moves List. Try again. After defeating a master swordsman in Japan, Kenshi was confronted by an old Chinese man named Song who explained that, for a price, he could lead Kenshi to an ancient sword of historical importance. Although he was annoyed by the old man's persistence, Kenshi finally agreed to meet him at a remote location in China where the sword was located. He convinced himself that he should have a sword that reflected his greatness.

Empty and Full
Play by Ear
Dark Fists

Next, you will learn Kenshi's Tai Chi attack combinations. Utilizing combos will greatly increase the damage done to your opponent. Begin.

Excellent. This next quick knockdown combo is called Blind Justice.

Most impressive. Let us see how you fare with a more complicated attack combo. This pop-up combo is called Fading Light.

Master Bo' Rai Cho is most impressed with your progress. Perhaps you will allow him to further your training once the Deadly Alliance is no more. But for now, you must execute a juggle combo. Perform the Fading Light combo and then Juggle Master Bo' Rai Cho with any 2 attacks while he is still in the air.

Do not let Master Bo' Rai Cho's girth intimidate you. This is only a training exercise. He will not harm you. Try again.

When Kenshi traveled to China to meet with Song, the old Chinese man guided him through an underground labyrinth, which led to a burial chamber. Song instructed Kenshi to lift the heavy stone lid from an altar-like structure. Song explained that Kenshi would find the sword hidden inside.

Don't Blink
Natural Way
All Ears

Master Bo' Rai Cho has suggested that you pick up the pace and learn 2 combo sets in the same session. First, you will practice his San Shou combos.

Moon Strike
Day Break

Excellent. Of course, Kenshi has mastered some Katana combos as well.

Rising Dragon
Edge of Pain

Most impressive. Now execute a few pop-up combos while still in the Katana fighting style.

Splendid! Now prove that you are indeed the swordsman you claim to be. Perform these pop-up combos followed by any Katana strike you choose to juggle Master Bo' Rai Cho before he hits the ground. It is important that you learn these attacks. Do not dawdle. If you need to study Kenshi's moves, pause the game and go to the Moves List menu.

Upon opening the altar, the last thing Kenshi saw was a bright green blast. He stumbled back, blinded. The old Chinese man, Song, was in fact the sorcerer Shang Tsung who devoured the souls of the warrior kings that Kenshi had released. Shang Tsung left Kenshi to die in the labyrinth, but the sword he found inside the altar led him out by some other-worldly power.

Raiden is no stranger to Shang Tsung's treachery. He will assist you as you practice the Telekinetic Push that Kenshi's ancestral sword has made possible. This attack is fast, but it does little damage.

Telekinetic Push

Excellent. Now dodge Raiden's lightning projectile and then push him with your telekinetic powers. Repeat this attack 3 times.

Most exceptional. Now focus your telekinetic powers to push Raiden 3 times. But be warned, Raiden will not make it easy this time.

You must focus. Clear your mind. Unlearn what you have... figured out.

More than a decade after betraying his warrior king ancestors, Kenshi had been spying on the activities of Shang Tsung in Outworld when he learned of the sorcerer's alliance with Quan Chi and their assassination of Emperor Shao Kahn. He relayed the information to Jax in Earthrealm, but upon returning to Outworld, he found that his portal beacon no longer received a signal. He was trapped in Outworld.

Telekinetic Toss

Kenshi's Telekinetic Toss hits twice and has good range, but it is slow to start and will leave you vulnerable. You will also take more damage than normal if you are struck while performing it.

Excellent. Now dodge Raiden's lightning projectile and then toss him with your Telekinetic powers. Repeat this attack 3 times.

Once again, you must focus your telekinetic powers to toss Raiden 3 times. And again, he will not make things easy. The sword of your ancestors has revealed to you your true heritage as well as the wrong you have done to your lineage by leading Shang Tsung to their final resting place. You must make amends. You must go on. Remember, to successfully execute Kenshi's Telekinetic Toss, push down, then away from your opponent and press.

Kenshi sympathized with the plight of the enigmatic kombatant, Ermac. The Outworld warrior spirits that had manifested themselves in the form of a ninja had been violated by Shao Kahn in much the same way that Kenshi's ancestors had been enslaved by Shang Tsung. Kenshi was taught the Telekinetic Slam by Ermac in return for freeing him from the control of the Emperor.

Telekinetic Slam

Kenshi's Telekinetic Slam lifts an opponent in the air and slams him to the ground. Execute the Telekinetic Slam 3 times before time runs out.

Excellent. Your powers are increasing. Now combine the slam with another attack. Execute the Telekinetic Slam on Raiden and then juggle him with a Tai Chi attack while he is in the air. Repeat this combo 3 times.

Now Raiden will test you. You must successfully execute the Telekinetic Slam 3 times to complete this lesson.

Continue with your training. You have finally caught up with the sorcerer Shang Tsung in Outworld! Now is the time to avenge the souls of your warrior king ancestors! Expand upon your combo training by learning Kenshi's Style Branch combination attacks and rain suffering upon the evil sorcerer who deceived you so many years ago!

Start in Tai Chi

First you must execute a Style Branch combo that begins with Kenshi's Tai Chi style and then goes into his San Shou style.

Next you will pummel Shang Tsung with a Style Branch combo that starts from Kenshi's Tai Chi style, goes into his San Shou style, and then continues with one more hit while still in the San Shou style.

Excellent. Shang Tsung is reeling from the pain! Now execute a Style Branch combo that begins with Kenshi's San Shou style and goes into his Katana fighting style.

It would seem that Shang Tsung's ally, Quan Chi, will not come to his aid! Perhaps he is at this moment being pummeled by a warrior as well. Take advantage of his absence and perform the previous combo. But this time, finish it off with another attack before he hits the ground.

Most brutal! You truly are the greatest warrior Earthrealm has ever known! Now avenge your ancestors and finish Shang Tsung off with a devastating Style Branch combo that makes use of all 3 of Kenshi's fighting styles. From Tai Chi, into San Shou, and finally into Katana.

Your quest is nearing its end. Shang Tsung must be made to answer for his malicious actions! Do not give up now!

Most impressive! You have learned much through your journey. You have mastered many fighting styles and avenged the souls of your ancestors. But there is one opponent you still need to confront...

You must confront yourself. Your past is littered with the victims of your vain quest for glory. You must atone for your blind ambition. In the name of those you have slain, you must face a mirror image of yourself and defeat him in 3 out of 5 matches. Only then will you complete your journey and achieve enlightenment.

You will lose more than just a fight if you do not defeat your double. You will lose your very soul! Cast out your darker self! Defeat your inner demons!

You failed. You have to learn to perform all of Kenshi's attacks and also defend against Kenshi's attacks if you plan on being victorious.

Congratulations! You have finished your training! This journey is complete. But the road to your destiny is long traveled, and there is always more to learn.