The Kombat Pavilion

MKDA Konquest Mode - Mavado

The Red Dragon member, Mavado, is much more skilled and disciplined than Kano, his counterpart in the Black Dragon. His excessive training with the Red Dragon has led him to develop a long-forgotten fighting technique known only to that clan. This technique utilizes ropes with hooks on the ends to propel him in battle.

Flat Punch
Long Straight Fist
Heel Kick
Ducking Fist

You will begin your training studying Mavado's Long Fist basic attacks. You will spar with the Red Dragon member, and Mavado's subordinate, Hsu Hao.

Execute Long Fist's high attacks.

Crane Strike

Practice Mavado's Long Fist Crane Strike pop-up attack. This move allows Mavado to pop his opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack. Execute Mavado's Crane Strike pop-up attack.

Crane Strike

Well done. If you continue at this pace, you may in fact become a Red Dragon. Now try the Crane Strike pop-up again, and then juggle Hsu Hao with 1 more attack of your choice while he is still in the air.

Spinning Crane

Very good. Now for another pop-up attack. This one is a 3D pop-up called the Spinning Crane. Mavado can use this move to dodge his opponent and pop him up in the air from the side.

Attempt the Spinning Crane.


Let us test your mettle. Attack Hsu Hao with the Spinning Crane to pop him into the air, and then juggle him with 2 more Spinning Cranes.

Ducking Claw
Low Strike
Floor Kick
Knee Strike

Impressive! Now you must move on to Mavado's Long Fist basic low attacks.


While in the Long fist style, Mavado can Shove a blocking opponent and break the block.

Hsu Hao will block. You must break his block 5 times with the Shove technique.

To be a Red Dragon takes much self-discipline. You must continue with the lesson or you will prove your unworthiness. If you need more study, you can access Mavado's moves by pausing the game and selecting the Moves List.

The Red Dragon clan has existed for centuries as a secretive criminal organization. In the last century, many of the more reckless members became dissatisfied with the restraints the code of the Red Dragon placed upon them and broke away to form their own gang, the Black Dragon. Since then, it has been the Red Dragon's number one priority to eliminate their former brothers. It was thought that the Black Dragon had been completely destroyed until one member resurfaced... Kano.

Outside Whip Punch
Front Heel Kick

Another fighting style Mavado has learned since joining the Red Dragon is Wing Chun.

Practice Mavado's Wing Chun high attacks on Kano.

Low Punch
Low Whip Jab
Shin Kick
Sweep Kick

Excellent. Now practice Mavado's Wing Chun low attacks.

While in the Wing Chun fighting style, Mavado can utilize a Red Dragon technique called the Dragon Tongue. This maneuver allows Mavado to Escape from an opponent by shooting red ropes with hooks on the end at the floor behind him. Mavado then quickly pulls himself backward and out of harm's way.

Execute Mavado's Dragon Tongue Escape move 3 times.


Do not disappoint the Red Dragon. You must complete your task. If you need to study Mavado's moves, pause the game and go to the Moves List.

Like the Black Dragon thug, Kano, Mavado uses a double-weapon fighting style. It is rumored that Mavado acquired his Hookswords from the former Black Dragon member, Kabal after a vicious battle. Even though Kabal had only been a member of the Black Dragon for a short time, Mavado had sworn to eliminate him.

Chest Strike
Downward Hook Strike
Twin Overhead Strike
Stepping Chest Strike
Upward Cross Strike
Twin Overhead Slam
Dual Hook Strike

Kano had heard of Kabal's apparent demise at the hands of Mavado. He would have killed the Red Dragon warrior had he not been trapped in Outworld all this time.

Show the fool Kano he is no match for Mavado's basic Hooksword high attacks.

Low Reverse Blow
One Hook Sweep
Scissors Swipe
Low High 2-Hit

Well done. Now show Kano your prowess with Mavado's basic Hooksword low attacks.

Sidestep Swing

Kano is unimpressed. Prove to him the superiority of the Red Dragons' fighting techniques with Mavado's 3D hooksword low attack called the Sidestep Swing.

Kano will not be so passive this time...

If you wish to join the Red Dragon Elite, you must defend the honor of the Red Dragon above all else. Do not lose to this... Black Dragon scum. Try again.

The Red Dragon is known by criminal organizations to place a priority on stealth rather than brute force. Mavado is no exception. In his quest to destroy the Black Dragon clan, Mavado ordered his subordinate, Hsu Hao, to pose as a member of the Chinese secret military and 'aid' the Special Forces in capturing or killing Black Dragon members. The Special Forces would therefore be doing the Red Dragons' work for them.

Longfist Blast

Combining stealth with fighting skill has made the Red Dragon a powerful organization. The Red Dragon are not known to the Special Forces, but they soon will be.

Show Jax just how powerful Mavado's Long Fist Blast attack combo is.


Now show Jax Mavado's Long Fist Forklift pop-up combo.


Now we will see how skilled you really are. Execute Mavado's Long Fist Forklift pop-up combo and, while Jax is still in the air, juggle him with the entire Longfist Blast combo.

It would seem that we have chosen our new recruits poorly. Do not disappoint us. There is no turning back once you begin your training. Begin the lesson again.

Mavado was approached by the Outworld sorcerers, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, who requested the aid of the Red Dragon. They needed to destroy the Special Forces' techno portals to hinder their ability to travel to Outworld. In return, they offered the Red Dragon sanctuary during the coming invasion. Mavado accepted their offer and instructed his subordinate, Hsu Hao, to complete the task.

Mavado Surprise
Lin Wan Kuen
Storm Kicks
Empty Shadow
Rolling Hands
Red Dragon

Impress Quan Chi with your Red Dragon training. Perform these Wing Chun combos.

Kabal's Torment
Hook N Bash
Blazing Fury

He is indeed impressed and wishes to see more. Perform Mavado's Hooksword combos.

Start in Wing Chun

Now execute Mavado's Wing Chun into Hooksword Style Branch combo. Remember, you must begin the attack from the Wing Chun fighting style.

Start in Wing Chun

Quan Chi is amazed with your disciplined fighting prowess. It reminds him much of his own fighting ability. Represent the Red Dragon with Mavado's Wing Chun to Hooksword Style Branch combo and finish with another Hooksword attack.

If you do not impress the Deadly Alliance, the Red Dragon clan may not be spared when the invasion of Earthrealm begins.

In addition to destroying the Special Forces' inter-realm technology, Shang Tsung had one more request. If Mavado could eliminate the Earthrealm spy that Kano had spotted in Outworld, Mavado could name his price. Shocked to find that Kano still lived, Mavado requested the chance to face Kano in Mortal Kombat as payment for slaying the Earthrealm spy. Mavado then traveled with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to a celestial portal where he had to defeat a representation of his greatest adversary.

Grappling Hook Strike

In order to traverse into Outworld, Mavado had to defeat a representation of the sorcerer Shang Tsung. He began his attack with his Grappling Hook Strike.

Execute Mavado's Grappling Hook Strike 4 times.

Grappling Hook Strike

The double of Shang Tsung had merely been studying Mavado's moves and began to fight back. Attack Shang Tsung's double with the Grappling Hook Strike 4 more times.

Change Sides Hook

Shang Tsung's double learned quickly and Mavado's Grappling Hook Strike was no longer effective. Mavado had to switch his attack to his Change Sides Hook 3D escape move.

Trick the double with Mavado's Change Sides Hook 3D escape 3 times.

Change Sides Hook

Again, Shang Tsung's double learned to counter Mavado's moves.

Trick the double with Mavado's Change Sides Hook 3D escape 4 times. You must defeat Shang Tsung's Double to earn the right to pass to Outworld and to destroy the last Black Dragon member... Kano.

The Hunt for the Special Forces Spy... Part 1

Mavado traversed to Outworld with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi and parted ways to search for the man they believed to be a spy from Earthrealm's Special Forces. Surprisingly, the first agent he encountered was Sonya Blade. Mavado had no idea how she had gotten to Outworld after Hsu Hao had destroyed the Special Forces base, but he knew he would have to eliminate her in order to continue his search in secret. Defeat Sonya Blade to continue your quest and obligation to Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.

You must defeat Special Forces agent Sonya Blade. She knows of your purpose in Outworld and could warn the Earthrealm spy. Attack again.

The Hunt For The Special Forces Spy... Part 2

Mavado defeated Sonya Blade and continued the hunt for the Special Forces spy that the Deadly Alliance felt to be a danger to their regime. It was not long before he was ambushed by Jax. Jax was in pursuit of Mavado's subordinate, Hsu Hao, for destroying the Special Forces base, when he recognized the mark of the Red Dragon on Mavado's back. Although Mavado was not the man he sought, Jax had no problem butting heads with another member of this new and mysterious clan.

Defend yourself against the brute force of Jax. You must defeat Special Forces agent Jackson Briggs. Your fellow Red Dragon, Hsu Hao, is unaware that he is being hunted and is in grave danger. Attack again!

The Hunt For The Special Forces Spy... Part 3

After a grueling battle, Mavado finally defeated Jax. He continued his quest for the Earthrealm spy and finally discovered him in a town located high in the mountains. The spy was in fact the swordsman, Kenshi. The two warriors squared off and prepared for Mortal Kombat. Eliminate the Earthrealm spy, Kenshi. Once you have eliminated him, you will have earned the privilege of destroying Kano in the name of the Red Dragon.

You must defeat the Special Forces spy Kenshi. If you fail, you will not be granted a match with Kano, and you will have disgraced the Red Dragon clan. Attack again! Most impressive! You have learned much through your journey. You have mastered many fighting styles and you have located and beaten the Special Forces spy, Kenshi. Yet there is one opponent you still need to confront...

It is one thing to defeat a foe that does not share your thoughts. It is a completely different situation when confronting a foe that can anticipate your every move. Your final test will be to face a mirror image of Mavado. If you can win 3 out of 5 matches, you will have completed your training. Good Luck.

Win 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.

You failed. You have to learn to perform all of Mavado's attacks and also defend against Mavado's attacks if you plan on being victorious.